Graduate Course Schedules

Registration Is Open for Summer and Fall

Registration for Fall 2010 courses is now open. Registration for workshop courses closes a month prior to the first day of class, and registration for fall semester courses must be completed and tuition paid or arranged through FACTS by August 20.

To register for a graduate workshop course, students not currently enrolled at NOBTS should submit the Workshop Registration Form with payment by the course registration deadline to the Registrar's Office, 3939 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126. Returning students should register through IQ Web. Workshop registration deadlines are posted on the Classroom-Available Courses schedules linked below.

Click here to register for a graduate Internet course. Check the Online Learning Center for deadlines. No late registration is accepted for online courses

2010-2011 Graduate Schedule

Fall classes will begin on Monday, August 23, 2010. This year the graduate schedule will offer the following semester course options: (1) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday-only as well as Tuesday/Thursday and Wednesday/Friday classes on campus; (2) online courses; (3) bi-weekly courses that meet eight times during the semester, and (4) hybrid Internet or threaded discussion courses offered via Blackboard. 

The master's 2010-2011 course schedule may be accessed through its four main schedule components:

Please note that for the fall master's courses, you will need to access the Fall 2010 Master's Internet-Available Courses schedule for Internet courses available. All other master's courses are shown on the Fall 2010 Master's Classroom-Available Courses schedule.

Course titles are linked to syllabi as they become available. Faculty information may be accessed via the links to the faculty names on the schedules. 

In addition, classes may be taken via extension centers. Schedules for each extension center are listed under the individual extension center pages.

2009-2010 Graduate Schedule

The following Spring graduate classes are in session:


Syllabi with textbook information are available online. To view a syllabus, click the course title in the course schedule.

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