Academic Workshops

The following academic workshops currently are open for registration. Registration deadlines are indicated below the course dates.

Students may register online through IQWeb. Please make sure to select the appropriate workshop term for step 3 of the online registration process. If you are unable to register through IQWeb, please either fill out a Workshop Registration Form and forward it to the Registrar's Office at the address specified on the form, or contact the Registrar's Office at regarding online registration problems.

Syllabi for the graduate courses will be posted below and on the Graduate Workshops Web page as they are received. The tuition for each workshop will be the same as it normally is at that location-$190 per hour for courses on the New Orleans campus ($290 per hour for Non-SBC students), and $200 per hour for courses not on the New Orleans campus ($300 for Non-SBC students). In addition, all Leavell College students will be charged a $10 per hour program fee for courses not on the New Orleans campus. A registration fee of $25 per course will be assessed for all workshops.

The dates, classes, and teachers are listed below. Please note that some courses do not go an entire week, and special event courses may require additional fees.


Spring 2015 Graduate Workshops

Defend the Faith: A School of Christian Apologetics
(Students can take ONE or TWO courses for up to 6 hours credit.)

January 4-9
Register by December 4

PHIL5301 -- Christian Apologetics [ICA]
(Robert Stewart)

PHIL6304 -- Apologetic Method [ICA]
(Robert Stewart)

PHIL6305 -- The Problem of Evil [ICA]
(Rhyne Putman)

ETHC5300 -- Christian Ethics [ICA]
(Jeffrey Riley)

PHIL6309 -- Encountering World Religions [ICA]
(Steve Lemke)

PHIL/THEO6329 -- Jesus and Islam [ICA]
(Michael Edens)

PREA6222/6322 -- Pulpit Apologetics [ICA]
(Mike Miller)

THEO6310 -- The Historical Jesus [ICA]
(Rhyne Putman)

Please note: In addition to tuition, students will be charged the one-time conference fee of
$120 when registering for any course(s) being taught in conjunction with this conference.
For further information, please see


January 5-7
Register by December 4

DISC5260 -- Discipleship Strategies
(Hal Stewart)

January 5-9
Register by December 11

CEYH5398 -- Youth Ministry Institute
(Allen Jackson)


January 7-9
Register by December 4


 January 12-16
Register by December 12

BCNT5400 -- BCPP New Testament Seminar
(Gerald Stevens and Bill Warren)

CEAD6250 -- Adult Ministry in Theory and Practice

CEEF6310 -- Teaching the Bible
(Rick Yount)

CERW6270 -- Total Wellness and the Minister
(Judi Jackson)

CHPL6282/6382 -- Spiritual Warfare in the Local Church
(Damian Emetuche)


 January 12-16 in Atlanta
Register by December 12

 CEAM6320 -- Church Leadership and Administration
(Angie Bauman and Bobby Burt)



January 22-25 at FBC, Jacksoville
Register by December 22

PATH5336 -- Contemporary Models for the Local Church (Thomas Strong)

(Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference)



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