The Center for Archeaological Research


The Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) represents a Southern Baptist effort to establish a presence in the field and impact the discipline of biblical archaeology. The center will train and inspire a new generation of biblical scholars to engage in current research in the disciplines of biblical archaeology and biblical studies. CAR facilitates the aggressive development of an archaeological research presence within the programs of NOBTS, the SBC, and the larger academic community. The center provides a tangible and visual entity to facilitate fund raising for future research and academic programs of the Seminary.

Mission Statement

The Center for Archaeological Research serves as a research institute to encourage the scholarly development and research of the faculty and academic programs of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


  • To establish a tradition of scholarly biblical archaeology research
  • To provide a resource to expose current and prospective students to the discipline of biblical archaeology, serving as a Consortium Center for the dissemination and representation of archaeological research and development among Southern Baptist institutions and agencies
  • To develop and support archaeological research projects in the Middle East
  • To support the scholarly research of the faculty and students of the Division of Biblical Studies of the Seminary
  • To provide students with opportunities to participate in a specialized overseas study program
  • To develop further the archaeological curriculum in the Division of Biblical Studies in the graduate and undergraduate programs of the Seminary
  • To display the Artifact Study and Teaching Resource collection
  • To develop and maintain the Bible Lands Museum to house archaeological artifacts
  • To construct an archaeological research lab at NOBTS


Dr. Daniel A. Warner
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology
Don and Helen Bryant Chair of Old Testament and Archaeology

Dr. R. Dennis Cole

Archaeology Resources

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How to Contact the Center for Archaeological Research

  • By email - Dr. Dan Warner -
  • By email - Dr. Jim Parker -
  • By email - Dr. Dennis Cole -
  • By phone -- (504) 282-4455, ext, 3248
  • By mail -- Center for Archaeological Research, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 3939 Gentilly Boulevard, New Orleans LA 70126