The Center for Archeaological Research

Bible Lands Museum

The NOBTS Bible and Archaeology Museum is currently housed on the second floor of the Hardin Student Center (Room 258) in conjunction with the Haggard Center for New Testament Textual Studies.

The collections of the CAR consists of three major components: (1) museum display pieces--authentic whole and complete artifacts; (2) reproductions--commercially produced copies or reproductions of well-known artifacts; (3) a study/research collection consisting of representative sherds from Syro-Palestine designed for use in the classroom.

The collection contains artifacts for the following exhibits/displays:

  • Daily Life in Biblical Times
  • World of Abraham/Patriarchs
  • World of the Israelite Monarchies
  • Archaeological Method
  • Archaeology of Religion
  • The Earliest Evidence of Writing

Follow this link for more information on the Bible and Archaeology Museum.