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631 East 1 Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33010
Dr. David Lema, Director
Phone: (305) 888-9777
Fax: (305)888-9783

Orientation on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 6:00 pm in the Mission House at 145 E. 7th Street, Hialeah

Apply for Jim Henry Scholarship for Fall 2014/2015.  Deadline is 4:00 pm on August 11, 2014.

Registration for Fall 2014 begins April 15 - August 15, 2014


Graduate Monday Cycle

Undergraduate Cycle


Fall 2014/2015 Undergraduate Schedule
Fall 2014/2015 Graduate Schedule
Graduate NOLA Campus Schedule               
Undergrad NOLA Campus Schedule
Graduate Academic Workshops

2014/2015 Key Dates

Fall 2014/2015 Graduate Syllabi

Fall 2014/2015 Undergradute Syllabi

BSCM2350-34 - W.Jules -Monday
PMCM3311-34 - W.Jules -Monday

CMCM1310 - E. Jules - Thursday

CMCM1110-34 - W.Jules -Saturday

Summer 2014 Undergraduate Syllabi

LSCM0310-30  English Grammar

CMCM2380-31 Practice of Evangelism

Spring 2014 Graduate Syllabi

NTGK6300 - DelRio- Monday Hybrid

CEEF6310 - Watkins- Monday Hybrid

DISC5171 - Lema -Monday

PATH6230 - Lema - Monday Hybrid

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Syllabi:

LSCM2330 - Medina - Monday

BSCM2310 - Slavich - Monday

CECM3320 - Lema - Monday

LSCM2322 - Buck - Monday

CMCM1300- Eugene - Monday

CECM3360- Eugene - Monday

BSCM1300- W. Jules - Monday

BSCM4354 - W.Jules - Monday

CECM2325 - Lema - Tuesday

LSCM4300 - Lema- Tuesday

BSCM2300 - Becerra - Tuesday

BSCM3317 - Millan - Tuesday

PCCM4370- Leiva - Tuesday

LSCM 1310 - Marcelon - Tuesday

PMCM3330 - Michel - Tuesday

THCM2375 - Michel - Tuesday

THCM2375 - Finn - Thursday

PMCM2375 - Clunan - Thursday

PMCM2350 - Clunan - Thursday

CMCM3350 - Medina - Thursday

TCHM2351 - EscobarArcay - Thursday

LSCM0351 - EscobarArcay - Thursday

PMCM3330 - Humeniuk - Thursday

BSCM3352 - Humeniuk- Thursday

LSCM0351 - Joseph - Thursday

THCM2351 - Joseph - Thursday

LSCM3371 - Simon - Thursday

Fall 2013-2014 Graduate Syllabi:

NTGK5300 -Delio DelRio - Mondays Hybrid 8 Times

CEAD6250 - Doug Watkins -Mondays Hybrid 8 Times

NTEN5300 -Phillip Dunn - Mondays Hybrid 8 Times 

DISC5170 Spiritual Formation 1- David Lema - Mondays Bi-Weekly

Path 5230 -David Lema - Mondays Hybrid 8 Times

Fall 2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Syllabi:

LSCM0350 -David Escobar Arcay - Mondays

THCM2300 - David Escobar Arcay- Mondays

WPUS3301 -Wadler Jules -Mondays

CMCM1110 - Daniel Medina- Mondays

CMCM2210 - Daniel Medina -Mondays

BSCM4313 - Joseph Finn- Mondays

BSCM3350- Ernesto Humeniuk- Tuesdays

LSCM2310 - Idriss Abdoulaye- Tuesdays

CMCM1110 - Ernesto Humeniuk- Tuesdays

PMCM2300 - Wadler Jules - Tuesdays

BSCM2380 - Ernesto Humeniuk- Tuesdays

CECM1300 - David Lema- Tuesdays

LSCM1300 -David Lema - Tuesday

PCCM2370 -Eduardo Leiva -Thursdays

BSCM2350 -Obed Millan -Thursdays

CMCM1310 - Obed Millan -Thursdays

WPUS3301 - Daniel Slavich -Thursdays

CMCM4314 - Daniel Slavich -Thursdays

CMCM2210 - Evens Jules - Thursdays

BSCM1300- Daniel Medina -Thursdays

THCM2375 - Evens Jules - Thursdays

CECM 2310 - David Lema - Thursdays

PMCM2350 -Daniel Medina - Thursdays

CMCM110 - Wadler Jules -Saturdays

Summer 2013 Syllabi

CECM4331 - David Escobar Arcay

LSCM3371 - Daniel Medina

BSCM4352 - Daniel Medina

Spring 2013 Syllabi

BSCM4355 - Wadler Jules

BSCM3310 - Wadler Jules

THCM1351 Finn

THCM2351 Humeniuk

LSCM2383 Dunteman

BSCM2350 Clunan

LSCM4300 - Lema

CMCM3360 - Lema

THCM3330 - Escobar Arcay

BSCM3313 - Millan

PMCM3330 - Millan

LSCM2330 - Medina

PMCM3311 - Medina

BSCM2350 - Medina

LSCM1351 - Balzora

THEO5301 - Howell

THCM2351 - Celucien Joseph

LSCM1315 - Celucien Joseph

BSCM3312 - Evens Jules

BSCM2300 - Evens Jules

PCCM3372 Leiva  Revised 1/14/13

BSCM4316 - Buck

BSCM4355 - Becerra

BSCM2300 - Becerra

OTEN5300 - Dunn

LSCM1360 - Garcia

BSCM3354 - Michel

LSCM1315 - Marcelon

LSCM0351 - Marcelon

PMCM3330 - Eugene

CMCM3350 - Gaston

BBBW5200 - Warner

Classes for Graduate students at the South Florida Center meet on Mondays. Undergraduate classes are taught on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Undergraduate classes are taught in English, Spanish and French. Classes meet at either FBCUIC in Hialeah, FL, Broward/Sheridan Hills, or West Palm.  Call the center director for more information on the class sites. Students may obtain either an Associate in Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry or a Master of Divinity,

To request a catalog and an application, please contact the Enlistment Office at or
Click on the following link to request a catalog and an application online:






Turabian Tutor   Click on this link to download the latest edition of the Turabian Tutor in pdf format. It is based on the 7th Edition of the Turabian style manual which contains several substantial changes from the 6th edition.   







Dr. Bob Welch's Turabian Survival Manual



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