Faculty (A to H) Index

Dr. Jerry N. Barlow

Dr. Jerry N. Barlow

Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Work

Office: Frost Building: Office 102
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, ext. 3327
E-mail: jb@nobts.edu
Dr. Angie Bauman

Dr. Angie Bauman

Associate Professor of Christian Education
Director of Student Services for the North Georgia Extension Center

Office: North Georgia Center: 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite C-115, Marietta, GA 30068
Office Phone: 770-321-1606
E-mail: abauman@nobts.edu
Dr. Jeanine C. Bozeman

Dr. Jeanine C. Bozeman

Senior Professor of Social Work

Office: Dodd Building: Office 208
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3207
E-mail: jbozeman@nobts.edu
Dr. Page Brooks

Dr. Page Brooks

Assistant Professor of Theology-Ministry Based Faculty
Book Review Editor for Theological Books, Baptist Center for Theology and Ministry Journal

Office: Dodd Building 108
Office Phone: 504-282-4455 ext. 8011
E-mail: pbrooks@nobts.edu
Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

Associate Professor
Caskey Chair of Church and Community Ministries
Assistant Director of Prison Ministries

Office: Leeke Magee Counseling Center, 106
Office Phone: (504) 816-8305
E-mail: kbrown@nobts.edu
Dr. Rex D. Butler

Dr. Rex D. Butler

Professor of Church History and Patristics
Occupying the John T. Westbrook Chair of Church History

Office: Dodd Building: Office 105
Office Phone: 504-282-4455 ext. 3214
E-mail: rbutler@nobts.edu
Dr. Edwon D. Campbell Jr.

Dr. Edwon D. Campbell Jr.

Professor of English, Leavell College
Writing Center Associate Director

Office: Hardin Student Center, Suite 200
Office Phone: 504-282-4455, ext. 3329
E-mail: ecampbell@nobts.edu
Dr. Kristyn Carver

Dr. Kristyn Carver

Professor of Psychology and Counseling

Office: Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, ext. 3743
E-mail: kcarver@nobts.edu
Dr. Bong Choi

Dr. Bong Choi

Professor of New Testament and Greek
Director of Korean Theological Institute

Office: NGA Hub
Office Phone: 678) 905-7667
E-mail: bchoi@nobts.edu
Dr. R. Dennis Cole

Dr. R. Dennis Cole

Chairman, Division of Biblical Studies
Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology occupying the Mcfarland Chair of Archaeology
Co-Director, Center for Archaeological Research

Office: Dodd Faculty Building -- Office #201
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3248
E-mail: RDCole@nobts.edu
Dr. Clay Corvin, C.P.A.

Dr. Clay Corvin, C.P.A.

Vice President for Business Affairs
Professor of Administration

Office: Hardin Student Center: Business Office
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3210
E-mail: clay@lifesongs.com
Dr. Bill Day

Dr. Bill Day

Associate Director of the Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health
Gurney Professor of Evangelism and Church Health

Office: Leavell Center for Evangelism and Church Health
Office Phone: (504) 816-8820
E-mail: bday@nobts.edu
Dr. Jody Dean

Dr. Jody Dean

Assistant Professor for Christian Education
Director, Mentoring Programs in Christian Education

Office: Dodd 111
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3349
E-mail: jdean@nobts.edu
Dr. Jimmy W. Dukes

Dr. Jimmy W. Dukes

Senior Professor of New Testament and Greek
Director of Prison Programs
Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Office: 3030 Gentilly Blvd
Office Phone: 504-816-8092
E-mail: jdukes@nobts.edu
Dr. Mike Edens

Dr. Mike Edens

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Professor of Theology and Islamic Studies
Associate Director of the Institute for Christian Apologetics

Office: Dodd 101
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, ext. 8422
E-mail: medens@nobts.edu
Dr. Ken Ellis

Dr. Ken Ellis


Office: 101
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455
E-mail: jsmith@nobts.edu
Dr. Archie W. England

Dr. Archie W. England

Director, Baptist College Partnership
Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, occupying the J. Wash Watts Chair of Old Testament and Hebrew

Office: HSC 254
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, ext. 3738
E-mail: aengland@nobts.edu
Dr. Jeff Farmer

Dr. Jeff Farmer

Associate Professor of Church Ministry and Evangelism
Associate Director, Caskey Center for Church Excellence

Office: HSC 215E
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 8227
E-mail: jfarmer@nobts.edu
Dr. Darryl Kirk Ferrington

Dr. Darryl Kirk Ferrington

Professor of Music Education

Office: Sellers Music Building 220C
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, extension 3267
E-mail: dferrington@nobts.edu
Dr. Craig Garrett

Dr. Craig Garrett

Assistant Professor of Psychology & Counseling
Dean of Students

Office: 101 HSC
Office Phone: 504-282-4455, ext. 3283
E-mail: cgarrett@nobts.edu
Dr. Jeff Griffin

Dr. Jeff Griffin

Dean of Libraries
Assoc. Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew

Office: John T. Christian Library
Office Phone: (504) 816-8018
E-mail: jgriffin@nobts.edu
Dr. Norris C. Grubbs

Dr. Norris C. Grubbs

Associate Provost for Extension Centers and Enrollment Management
Professor of New Testament and Greek

Office: Frost - 200
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext3264
E-mail: ngrubbs@nobts.edu
Dr. Bob Hall

Dr. Bob Hall

Professor of Discipleship-Ministry Based Faculty

Office: Birmingham, Alabama
Office Phone: 205-834-4223 mobile
E-mail: bhall@nobts.edu
Dr. Richard Clyde Hall Jr.

Dr. Richard Clyde Hall Jr.

Professor of Youth Ministry

Office: HSC 217
Office Phone: (504) 816-8103
E-mail: chall@nobts.edu
Dr. Benjamin Harlan

Dr. Benjamin Harlan

Professor of Church Music

Office: E. O. Sellers Music Building 226 C
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455, extension 3284
E-mail: bharlan@nobts.edu
Dr. Lloyd A. Harsch

Dr. Lloyd A. Harsch

Professor of Church History and Baptist Studies
Occupying the Cooperative Program Chair of SBC Studies

Office: Dodd Building: Office 202
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3212
E-mail: lharsch@nobts.edu
Dr. Adam Harwood

Dr. Adam Harwood

Associate Professor of Theology
McFarland Chair of Theology
Director, Baptist Center for Theology & Ministry
Editor, Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry

Office: Dodd 213
Office Phone: (504) 816-8074
E-mail: aharwood@nobts.edu
Dr. Daniel H. Holcomb

Dr. Daniel H. Holcomb

Senior Professor of Church History

Office: Dodd Building: Office 211
Office Phone: 504-282-4455 ext. 3258
E-mail: dholcomb@nobts.edu
 Dr. Adam Hughes

Dr. Adam Hughes

Dean of Chapel
Assistant Professor of Expository Preaching
Director of Mentoring for Pastoral Ministries

Office: Dean of Chapel Office
Office Phone: 504-282-4455, ext. 8443
E-mail: ahughes@nobts.edu