Official Payments Monthly Payment Plan

NOBTS works with Official Payments to provide a tuition payment plan for a small enrollment fee and no interest. An Official Payments agreement allows students to divide their tuition into monthly payments rather than having to pay it all at the beginning of the semester.

Setting up an Official Payments Agreement

Current NOBTS Students can establish an Official Payments plan at this site. In-coming students can set up an Official Payments profile, but should not establish a payment plan before registering for courses.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 504.282.4455 ext. 3348 or

The payment plan can be set up in one of two ways:

1. Through a Bank Account Draft (ACH)

Payments automatically withdrawn from a checking or savings account each month.  

Students CANNOT use a debit card linked to a checking account with the ACH plan because a debit card is regarded as a credit card.  You must have your checking or savings account number and routing number to use the ACH payment.

2.  Through a Credit/Debit Card

Payments automatically charged to a credit or debit card each month. Official Payments only accepts MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  NO Visa. (This is an issue with Visa, not a direct decision of NOBTS and Official Payments.) 

Because of the credit card convenience fees, all students are advised to use the bank draft option, if at all possible.



Changes to your Official Payments Agreement

No changes are automatically made once you have set up your Official Payments agreement.  If you drop courses, add courses, or receive any additional funds on your NOBTS account, your agreement WILL NOT automatically reflect these changes.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office ( or 504.282.4455 ext. 3348) to request changes to your agreement.  We must receive notification of a desired change at least three business days before your scheduled payment.