Library Circulation Policies

The following policies govern the circulation of materials in the John T. Christian Library and the Martin Music Library.  If you are a new NOBTS student, you must register with the library separately as NOBTS systems are not interconnected.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) / Document Delivery Services (see item VI, "Services Available") is for NOBTS students and faculty, whether at the main campus or any of the extension centers.

I. Who can check out materials?

  1. Registered students, faculty, and staff of the seminary - with seminary ID
  2. Registered users as per the CALL/LALINC agreement - with appropriate card
  3. Registered users from other schools as per local agreements.
  4. Registered NOBTS alumni.
  5. Registered staff of local SBC churches.

Patrons in categories 2, 3, 4, and 5 are limited to 5 items.

II. What materials can be checked out?

  1. General collection:
    1. Books
    2. Audio and video recordings (ONLY seminary patrons)
    3. Curriculum lab (class presentations ONLY)
  2. Music collection:
    1. Books
    2. Scores
    3. Compact Discs (ONLY seminary patrons)

Music materials should be returned to Martin Music Library.

III. For how long may materials be checked out?

  1. Books and Scores
    1. Doctoral students -- 60 days; possible 60 day renewal
    2. All others -- 21 days; possible 21 day renewal
  2. Audio and video recordings (regular & music)  -- 7 days
  3. Reserves vary in time from "In house use only" to one month

Only NOBTS students and faculty may check out reserves.

IV. Fines

  1. Books, scores, audio and video -- $.20 per day, per item
  2. Reserves:
  3. a.     Daily -- $5.00 per day, per item
    b.     Hourly -- $1.00 per hour

V. Suspension of privileges

A patron's privileges may be suspended if:
     1.  Items are more than 21 days late
     2.  Unpaid fines of $20 or more

VI.  Services available

Certain services are available only to NOBTS students and faculty :
     1.  Databases
     2.  Interlibrary Loan (ILL) / Document Delivery
          a.  If NOBTS libraries do not have materials you need, you may request to borrow these
               materials from other libraries through the ILL office
          b.  Send an e-mail to with your request -- be sure to include:
               i.  author
               ii.  title (of book or journal)
               iii.  title of article (if requesting article from a journal or essay/chapter from a book)
               iv.  publication data (city, publisher, date)
               v.  volume, issue, and page numbers (if requesting article/essay)
               vi.  how much you are willing to pay (about the $2.00 base fee) for the item should
                    a lender charge a fee
          c.  Let us know your name and student ID number (so we can verify) and where to send
               materials (physical address and/or e-mail (for articles/essays -- to be sent in PDF)
          d.  Please note that sometimes we are not able to obtain materials.
          e.  There is a $2.00 fee billed to your account for each filled request and any fees
               lending libraries may charge (generally, we use partners who do not charge extra, so
               it is rare that extra fees are added)
          f.  Please note that it can take as long as 2 weeks or more to obtain materials and the
               time you have to use them may be limited to a week or two.  Do not wait to request
               items at the last minute.
          g.  If waiting on materials through the ILL office of the seminary seems to long for your
               purposes, you may try utilizing interlibrary loan services of your local public library.
          a.  CALL/LALINC is a Louisiana state-wide consortium of academic libraries which allows
               graduate students to have checkout privileges at any graduate library in the state.
               -- please see main library for details on getting a card
          b.  GALILEO is a similar arrangement for our graduate students in Georgia
               -- please see Mrs. Helen Shin at the N.Ga. hub for details on getting a card
     4.  Doctoral Study Carrels -- ReDoc students desiring a study carrel should see the reference
          librarian for information and access.
          a.  Carrels are available to PhD, DMA, and ThM students
          b.  Personal items may be kept in carrels, but the library assumes no responsibility for
               items and makes no guarantees for their security
          c.  Nothing may be attached to the carrel's exterior or permanently affixed to the carrel
              (i.e., anchors, padded adhesives, etc.)
          d.  Problems with carrel lights and poewr should be reported to the library circulation desk
          e.  Reference items and periodicals may not be kept in carrels; they can be used there
               while studying
          f.  Circulating items may not be kept in carrels unless they are checked out
          g.  The library reserves the right to periodically go through carrels to make sure all policies
               are followed.

Other services, such as wireless internet, are available to all patrons.


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