Online Courses for Undergraduate Students

Fall 2014 Undergraduate Online Courses

BSCM1300 -- Hermeneutics
(Dr. Norris Grubbs)

BSCM2300 -- Biblical Backgrounds
(Dr. Bob Cole)

BSCM2310 -- Old Testament Survey
(Dr. Bob Cole)

BSCM2350 -- New Testament Survey
(Dr. Norris Grubbs)

BSCM2380 -- Christian Scriptures
(Dr. Norris Grubbs)

BSCM4351 -- NT Interp: Pastoral Epistles
(Dr. Thomas Strong)

CECM1300 -- Introduction to Christian Education
(Ms. Karla McGehee)

CECM2310 -- Human Development
(Dr. Laurie Watts)

CECM3320 -- Life Span Christian Education
(Dr. Laurie Watts)

CMCM1310 -- Intro to Ministry
(Dr. John Gibson)

CMCM2210 -- Disciplemaking
(Dr. Thomas Strong)

CMCM2380 -- The Practice of Evangelism
(Dr. John Gibson)

CMCM3350 -- Building Healthy Church Relationships
(Dr. John Gibson)

CMCM3360 -- Church Leadership and Administration
(Ms. Karla McGehee)

LSCM1310 -- English Composition
(Dr. Sandy Vandercook)

LSCM1320 -- General Math
(Dr. Bob Hall)

LSCM1360 -- Intro to Computers
(Dr. Laurie Watts)

LSCM2380 -- Hebrew 1
(Dr. Kristi Miller)

LSCM2381 -- Hebrew 2
(Dr. Kristi Miller)

LSCM3371 -- Marriage and Family Issue
(Dr. Anne Windu Kelley)

PCCM2370 -- Intro to Counseling
(Dr. Anne Windus Kelley)

PMCM3330 -- Worship Perspectives
(Ms. Jessica McMillan)

PMCM3350 -- Ministry through Life Crises
(Mr. Gary Greene)

THCM2350 -- Survey of Church History 1
(Dr. Mark Foster)

THCM2375 -- Southern Baptist Life
(Dr. Mike Edens)

See the Leavell College Class Schedules page for complete undergraduate course listings.

Revised August 4, 2014


The mission of New Orleans Baptist Theological
Seminary is to equip leaders to fulfill the Great
Commission and the Great Commandments through
the local church and its ministries.


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