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Women's Ministry Program

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary was the first Southern Baptist school to offer formal, specialized theological education in the area of women's ministry. Since its beginning in March 1997, this innovative program has increased in student enrollment and degree options. Its success is the result of

  • growing interest in women's ministry,
  • the need for pragmatic training in women's work, and
  • increased leadership roles for women in the local church.

Click here for a schedule of classes offered 2014-2015

Women's Ministry Basic Certificate

The Women's Ministry Basic Certificate prepares Christian women to lead women's ministries in local churches. Courses provide inspiration, information, instruction and interaction for church staff, women's ministry directors and lay leaders. Eight hours are required for completion. There are two required courses, but courses can be taken in any order. Click here for a detailed description of the basic certificate plan.

Women's Ministry Advanced Certificate Lively and helpful discussion

The Women's Ministry Advanced Certificate provides additional training for leaders in the women's ministry of local churches who already have completed the Women's Ministry Basic Certificate. Courses offer interaction with other women's ministry leaders as well as supplemental instruction and church-based projects. Eight additional hours are required for the Women's Ministry Advanced Certificate. Click here for a detailed description of the advanced certificate plan.

Associate in Women's Ministry

The Associate in Women's Ministry focuses on instruction in women's ministry while preparing for work in the local church or pursuit of the bachelor's degree. It requires 18 hours of women's ministry courses in addition to 51 hours in the areas of general education, Christian studies foundation and free electives. Click here for a detailed description of the associate degree plan.

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry - 

Minor in Women's Ministry

A minor in Women's Ministry is available through the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry degree plan. Eighteen (18) semester hours in women's ministry are required to complete this specialization for the baccalaureate degree which includes a total of 126 semester hours. Click here for a detailed description of the bachelor's degree plan with a Women's Ministry minor.

Graduate Certificate in Women's Ministry

The Graduate Certificate in Women's Ministry provides specialized training in woman-to-woman ministry for female students who have completed a baccalaureate degree. Consisting of 15 academic hours, this certificate can be supplemental to another NOBTS graduate degree or can mark the accomplishment of focused training in this important area of ministry. Click here for a detailed description of the graduate certificate plan.

Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education with Concentration in Women's Ministry

A concentration in Women's Ministry is offered in two masters degree programs: Master of Divinity in Christian Education and Master of Arts in Christian Education. Each specialization requires 12 semester hours in addition to requirements in basic ministerial competency and Christian Education.

The Courses

The Women's Ministry Program offers varied class schedules, delivery systems, and individual practicums to make seminary training possible and personal for lay leaders and staff members alike:

  • Short-term courses are offered in convenient two-and-a-half or five-day formats, approximately five times each year at the main NOBTS campus.
  • Two eight-week courses are offered online in both the fall and spring semesters as well as one during the summer. Click here for online info
  • Semester-long graduate courses are offered on the main NOBTS campus in both the spring and the fall.
  • Individual practicums such as supervised reading, clinical field projects, and conference attendance/evaluation are available.

Click here for a list of courses and descriptions


Click here for article: "Women's Ministry: Equipping Today's Women to Change Their World"

"I want to express to you how much that week with you and the other ladies has impacted my life. I learned more than I will ever be able to put into practice. The encouragement and the networking of the ladies will prove to be invaluable. I just wish that I would have started this when Lee and I first went into ministry. I know that His timing is perfect and it is for now 'such a time as this. I pray that God would use me to make a difference for His kingdom." -- Debbie Harrison

"I have really enjoyed this course and the church growth course. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into developing these into the online delivery format. I REALLY appreciate it. It's courses like these that make it possible for me, a full-time public school teacher, to continue my education and pursue my calling (ministering to lost students and learning about God's heart). Thank you." -- Hailey S. Burns

Students listen and learn


  • Chris Adams, B.A.C. Min
    Women's Enrichment Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources, Nashville, TN

  • Jeanine C. Bozeman, Ph.D.
    Professor of Social Work, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Courtney Eichelberger, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Professor, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Christi Gibson, MDiv and MCD, Women's Ministry Basic and Advanced Certificates
    Adjunct Faculty, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Judi Jackson, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean of Students and Coordinator of Women's Programs, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Rhonda H. Kelley, Ph.D.Dr. Rhonda Kelley instructs and inspires.
    President's Wife and Adjunct Professor, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Loretta Rivers, Ph.D. (Tulane University)
    Associate Professor of Social Work, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Debi Sharkey, D.Ed.Min.
    Adjunct Faculty, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Kathy Steele, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Courtney Veasey, MDiv (NOBTS) and ThM (GGBTS)
    Adjunct Faculty, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

For more information about the Women's Academic Programs

Courtney Veasey
Director of Women's Academic Programs
504.282.4455 x3334

For information about Leavell College and NOBTS

NOBTS Office of Student Enlistment
3939 Gentilly Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70126
Phone: 1.800.NOBTS-01, x3303
E-mail: enlistment@nobts.edu
Website: http://www.nobts.edu/enlistment

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