Payroll Procedures and Forms

The following procedures and forms govern NOBTS' payroll policies:

  1. A payroll authorization form on each new employee must be completed and forwarded to the Payroll Office before the employee begins working. The employee will need to complete the necessary paperwork in the Payroll Office on or before the first day worked.
    • Changes in an employee's position, status, or rate of pay require the completion of a new authorization form.
    • Approval must be obtained by the President before filling new positions.
  2. Contract teachers are employed by a letter of agreement issued by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dean of Extension Center System, or the Dean of College of Undergraduate Studies. The letter of agreement should include start and ending dates; date contract is written; social security number of contract teacher; method of payment; statement concerning travel reimbursement; and a cancellation clause.
  3. Separation notices are to be completed for each terminating employee and forwarded to the Personnel Office prior to the last day worked. It must be signed by the supervisor and the employee.
  4. All overtime must be approved by the V.P. for Business Affairs. If emergency overtime is necessary, a report will be submitted to Personnel on the first business day after the emergency overtime.
  5. If you have any questions concerning an employee's eligibility to work (minors, international students, etc.), please contact the Personnel Office.

Employment PDF Forms