Engraved Brick

Together we are building a lasting legacy at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Commemorative Bricks at NOBTS

Bricks start at $250

We’re starting something new, and we want you to be a part of it.

For one hundred years now NOBTS has existed to train Church leaders to take the Gospel far and wide. A part of this has been our outpost here in New Orleans. Many seminarians find that training in a special and eclectic place like New Orleans has given them a insight and edge to ministry they would not have received otherwise.

With a brick at NOBTS, you have the unique opportunity to keep that connection open. Three lines of text allow you to write your name or family’s names, dedicate a brick to a person who went over and beyond while you were in seminary, or pay tribute to the church that made seminary possible for you.

Exclusive premium placement bricks are $1,000 while spots are available.

  • Who can purchase a brick?

    Bricks are open to everyone--even if you're not an alumnus. Just click below to begin your ordering process.

  • Can I insert an image or graphic on my brick?

    No. Bricks will only have letters or numbers engraved.

  • How many letters fit on a line?

    There are three lines, and each line holds 18 characters. A character is considered a letter, number, or space.

  • How do I pay?

    If you did not pay at the time of your order, we will be in touch with you.

  • Is my brick tax deductible?

    Yes. The portion that goes to NOBTS for fund raising is tax deductible. The cost of the brick ($50) is not tax deductible.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Major credit cards and check. For more information, contact the Development office at mhagelman@nobts.edu or 504.816.8002.

  • Where will my brick be located?

    All bricks are installed on the main campus in New Orleans. The first installation location will be Legacy Plaza in front of Leavell Chapel.

  • Can I order multiple bricks?

    Yes. There is no limit. You may order multiples with different engraving in a single purchase, or come back later and order more.

  • How do I find my brick?

    We are creating an interface for you to access your brick's location, remotely or locally.

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