Jody Dean

Jody Dean

Assistant Professor for Christian Education;

Regional Associate Dean for LA/MS Extension Centers;

Director for Christian Education Mentoring Programs

B.S., Leavell College

M.A.C.E., Th.M., Ph.D. NOBTS


R. (Allen) Jackson

Dr. Allen Jackson

Professor of Youth Education (Ministry-Based)

B.S., University of Southern Mississippi

M.R.E., Ph.D., NOBTS

David Odom

David Odom

Associate Professor of Student Ministry

Director of Youth Ministry Institute

B.S., Liberty University 


Donna B. Peavey

Donna Peavey

Professor of Christian Education

Director of Innovative Learning 

B.S., University of Southern Mississippi

M.R.E., Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Joel B. (Joe) Sherrer

Dr. Joel Sherrer

Professor of Adult Education (Ministry-Based)

B.A., Oklahoma State University


Ed.D., Oklahoma State University

Hal Stewart

Dr. Hal Stewart

Associate Professor of Discipleship,

Occupying the Broadmoor Chair of Discipleship;

Director of the Doctor of Education Program;

Director of the Center for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

B.S., M.E., Clemson University


Th.M., Ph.D, NOBTS

Randall L. (Randy) Stone

Dr. Randall Stone

Professor of Christian Education;

Occupying the John T. Sisemore Chair/Christian Education

Chairman, Division of Discipleship and Ministry Leadership;

Director, Doctor of Educational Ministry Program

B.S., McNeese State University


Th.M., Ph.D., NOBTS

Robert H. (Bob) Welch

Dr. Bob Welch

Visiting Professor of Church Administration (Ministry-based);

B.S., East Tennessee State University;

M.S., Naval Post Graduate School;

M.A.R.E., Ph.D., SWBTS

William (Rick) Yount

Rick Yount

Visiting Professor of Christian Education (Ministry-based) 

B.S. Psychology and Counseling University of Maryland

Studies in Electrical and Systems Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Ph.D., Educational Research, University of North Texas

M.A.R.E., Ph.D. Foundations of Education, SWBTS