Welcome to AL/GA Centers!

Dr. Peter Kendrick

Professor of Theology and Culture

Associate Regional Dean GA/AL

Director of North GA Center

Occupying the Nelson L. Price Chair of Leadership
Welcome to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary - North Georgia  and Alabama Extension Centers! We are excited to offer seminary education closer than you think with extension centers in Georgia, Alabama, and online opportunities.

North Georgia Hub

Columbus Center

Duluth Center

Jonesboro Center

South Georgia Center

Birmingham Center

Montgomery Center

Huntsville Center

Rainsville Center

Tuscaloosa Center


NOBTS Academic Key Dates

Fall 2018

  • August 20th, 2018: Monday Class Starts
  • August 21st, 2018 (Tuesday): Tuesday Class Starts
  • August 23rd, 2018: Thursday Class Starts
  • August 31st, 2018: Drop/Add Deadline
  • September 3rd, Monday: Labor Day/ Class Closed
  • October 15 - 19, 2018: Fall Break/ No Classes/October Workshops
  • Nov. 19-23, 2018: Thanksgiving Break/ No Classes
  • December 4th, 2018: Last Day of Tuesday Class
  • December 10th, 2018: Last Day of Monday Class
  • December 15th, 2018: Graduation
  • December 22nd – 31st : Christmas Break (Offices Closed)


Schedule &Cycle

GA Graduate Cycle

North Georgia/Jonesboro Leavell College Cycle

GA  (COL, DUL, and SGA)Undergraduate Cycle

AL Graduate Cycle

AL Undergraduate Cycle

Huntsville Undergraduate Cycle

GA /AL Schedules


Fall 2018 Schedules for GA/AL Centers

1. Graduate Program

North Georgia Graduate Program

Alabama Graduate program schedules (Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Columbus Graduate Program

Duluth Graduate Program

Jonesboro Graduate Program

South Georgia Graduate Program

KTI Graduate Program

Master's Alternative Format Courses

2. Leavell College 

North Georgia Leavell College

Alabama Centers' Leavell College(Birmingham, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Columbus Leavell College

Duluth Leavell College

Jonesboro Leavell College

South Georgia Leavell College

KTI Leavell College

Online Leavell College Schedule

Course Syllabus

Fall 2018 Course Syllabi

AL Graduate Program (Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Columbus Graduate

Duluth/Jonesboro Graduate

North Georgia / South Georgia Graduate

KTI Graduate

AL Birmingham Leavell College

AL Huntsville Leavell College

AL Rainsville Leavell College

AL Tuscaloosa Leavell College

Columbus, Duluth, & South Georgia  Leavell College

NGA/Jonesboro Leavell College

KTI Leavell College



NOBTS Student Handbook

NOBTS Student Services List

 Advising-Graduate Program


Advising-Undergraduate Program


Church Minister Relations(for ministry jobs)

cmr@nobts.edu;504.282.4455 x3291;Website 

Financial Aid

financialaid@nobts.edu; 504.282.4455 x3348;Website

PREP(help to avoid student debt)


Gatekeeper-NOBTS news


Information Technology Center


Help with Blackboard




Online library resources

library@nobts.edu ;504-816-8018;Website 

Writing and Turabian style help


Guest Housing(Providence Guest House)

ph@nobts.edu;504.282.4455 x4455;Website  

Student Counseling


Women’s Programs

womensacademic@nobts.edu;504.282.4455.x 3334; Website  

This is a partial list of NOBTS student services available to all students, no matter your delivery system or location. 

If you have questions or do not see what you need here, please refer to www.nobts.edu/studentservices, email us at studentservices@nobts.edu, or call the Dean of Students office at 800-662-8701, ext. 3283.

We are glad to assist you!

For additional library resources in your state, check http://www.nobts.edu/library/interlibrary-loan.html

  • GALILEO for Georgia students
  • LALINC for Louisiana students
  • Florida Virtual Library (http://www.flelibrary.org/) for Florida students

Technical Support

Need   technical  assistance? Contact the ITC today!
Selfserve@nobts.edu - Email for   technical  questions/support  requests with the  Selfserve.nobts.edu site (Access to online registration, financial account, online transcript, etc.)
BlackboardHelpDesk@nobts.edu   - Email for technical questions/support requests with the NOBTS Blackboard Learning Management System NOBTS.Blackboard.com .
ITCSupport@nobts.edu  - Email for general  technical questions/support requests.
504.816.8180   - Call for any technical questions/support requests.
www.NOBTS.edu/itc/ - General NOBTS technical help information is provided on this website.


Quality Enhancement Plan-Improve English Writing at the Graduate Level

NOBTS plans to improve English writing at the graduate level by creating a writing center and by training faculty and teaching assistants to improve feedback on student writing.  

Please visit The Writing Center: http://www.nobts.edu/writing/ 

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