North Georgia Center

NGA/Duluth On-Site Orientation

Welcome to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary!

We are excited for you to begin studying at the North Georgia (NGA) campus in Marietta, GA or the Duluth, GA campus.

Orientation will be held on the following dates: (Select One)*
Monday, August 7 (Monday), 2017 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Tuesday, August 8 (Tuesday), 2017 from 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM

*The orientation sessions on Monday and Tuesday are identical. You must select one date to attend.

The orientation location is Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30068 in the Magnolia Room (first floor).

Orientation is a graduation requirement for ALL students. After orientation, NGA faculty and staff will be available to assist you to register for courses for Fall 2017 semester.

The Fall 2017 Registration and Tuition Payment Deadline is Friday, August 18 at 4:00 PM (CST).

Please click here to sign-up for the orientation: Fall 2017 NGA On-Site Orientation

If you have any questions, please email me at for more information.

North Georgia Administrative Offices

1000 Johnson Ferry Road Suite C-115
Marietta, Georgia 30068
Phone:  770-321-1606   Fax: 770-321-5363

Classes Meet at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

955 Johnson Ferry Road

Marietta, Georgia 30068


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NOBTS, Academic Calendar

2017-2018 Academic Key Dates


 North Georgia Faculty & Staff 

KDMin Program


KTI Program


NGA Library


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Tuition and Academic Fee Schedule

2017-2018 Tuition and Academic Fee Schedule


Ready to Write/NGA August Workshop

NGA center will be hosting a “Ready to Write” workshop for all new students and returning students on August 7 (Monday) at 1- 5PM at JFBC Magnolia room. Dr. Peter Kendrick, the regional dean of GA/AL centers, will lead the workshop and will provide some useful information for the students. You will learn how to use Blackboard, research skills, Turabian and writing skills through the workshop, it will help you succeed in every class.

Topics to be covered:
1. How to navigate Blackboard as a student
2. Introduction to basic Turabian skills/necessary for NOBTS scholarship
3. Introduction to fundamental research
4. Review of grammar
5. Review of how to write an effective research paper and book reviews

This workshop is opened for all new students and returning students. If you are interested in taking this workshop, please sign up here: READY TO WRITE WORKSHOP

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NGA Center will be offering "Youth Ministry Conference/Workshop" in October at the NGA center. We would like to invite all graduate and undergraduate students who need free elective credit hours to complete your degree program. Dr. Allen Jackson and Dr. David Odom are the professors this workshop. If you are interested in taking the workshop, please register the workshop through your student account (Self Serve). Please see the workshop information as below:

October Youth Ministry Conference: Oct. 5-7, 2017




Course Name






6:30 pm- 9: 30 pm


Youth Ministry


Dr. Allen Jackson/ Dr. David Odom

Magnolia Room

Friday (10/6)

8:00 am-9: 15 pm



8:00 am-12:30 pm

 Thursday, October 5

Registration            5:30-6:30 pm

Sessions 1 &2          6:30-9: 30 pm 

Friday, October 6

Sessions 3& 4         8:00 am- 11: 45 am

Sessions 5-7           1:30 pm- 5:00 pm

Sessions 8& 9         7:00 pm -9: 15 pm 

Saturday, October 7

Sessions 10- 12      8:00 am- 12: 30 pm 

***Please click here to see the course syllabi: Youth Ministry Conference Fall 2017

You may access the website for this conference to register: Youth Leadership Conference

7 Reasons to Study at NOBTS @NGA

NGA extension center hosted the Campus Preview Day on April 3 (Monday), 2017. If you have missed the event as a prospective student, we would like to encourage you to review the PPT that we shared with other prospective students at the event. The PPT will provide you 7 reasons to study at NOBTS at the NGA center. Please click here for the PPT content: 7 REASONS TO STUDY AT NOBTS @NGA 


Yes, you read that right! Registration, tuition, and even the graduation fee for the Ministry Wife Certificate Program is FREE for wives of current NOBTS students. So, if you are enrolled in classes at NOBTS -- main campus, extension center, and online -- your wife is eligible to take classes in the Ministry Wife Certificate Program. And this is a great time for her to start OR to keep going because, for the very first time, the course The Minister's Wife will be offered online this spring beginning January 23. Prior to now, this course has only been offered on the main campus. To find out more about the program, contact Dr. Rhonda Kelley (NOBTS President's Wife and certificate program director) at

DISC5171/Spiritual Formation 2 Update

Spiritual Formation II (DISC 5171) was approved as an elective rather than a required course. Standard MDiv joins 11 other degree programs that do not require this course. 

In the past, students in DISC 5170 were automatically registered for DISC 5171, but this course is not required anymore, so students have the responsibility to register for Spiritual Formation II. 

  • The FLEX MDiv has been replaced by the Standard MDiv. Therefore, the Flex MDiv and "old" Standard MDiv are now the new Standard MDiv which goes in effect Spring 2017 (see attachment).
  • All students who are in the Standard MDiv degree plan are not required to take DISC 5171 to complete their degree program. But, they can still take DISC 5171 as 1-hour of the 12 required electives in the Standard MDiv. In fact, if a student chose to take a 2-hour elective, this course would complement it well to reach the 12 hours of required electives. (This can be encouraged in your class.)
  • There are still 22-degree programs (Specialized MDivs and some MAs) that still require Spiritual Formation II (DISC 5171). So, all students need to look to determine through academic advising and faculty if they need to take this course as an elective or required course. Here is the link to contact a graduate academic advising: Graduate Academic Advising.

NOBTS Student Services

This is a partial list of NOBTS student services available to all students, no matter your delivery system or location. 

If you have questions or do not see what you need here, please refer to, email us at, or call the Dean of Students office at 800-662-8701, ext. 3283.

We are glad to assist you!





Web Page

Advising – Graduate Program


504.282.4455 x3312


Advising – Undergraduate Program




Church Minister Relations(for ministry jobs)


504.282.4455 x3291


Financial Aid


504.282.4455 x3348


PREP(help to avoid student debt)




Gatekeeper NOBTS News




Information Technology Center




Help with Blackboard








Online library resources




Writing and Turabian style help




Guest Housing (Providence Guest House)


504.282.4455 x4455


Student Counseling




Women’s Programs


504.282.4455 x3334


For additional library resources in your state, check

  • GALILEO for Georgia students
  • LALINC for Louisiana students
  • Florida Virtual Library ( for Florida students

Technical Support

Need   technical  assistance? Contact the ITC today! - Email for   technical  questions/support  requests with the site (Access to online registration, financial account, online transcript, etc.)   - Email for technical questions/supportt requests with the NOBTS Blackboard Learning Management System .  - Email for general  technical questions/ssupport requests.
504.816.8180   - Call for any technical questions/supportt requests. - General NOBTS technical help information is provided on this website.

Quality Enhancement Plan

Improve English Writing at the Graduate Level.

NOBTS plans to improve English writing at the graduate level by creating a writing center and by training faculty and teaching assistants to improve feedback on student writing.  

Our plan to improve writing called, “The Write Stuff.” 

Please visit The Writing Center: 


NOBTS Important Key Dates

Fall 2017
Aug. 7 &8                               NGA/Duluth On-Campus Orientation
Aug. 18th                               Final Day of Payment: Final Day to Register and Pay Tuition
Aug. 21st                               1st day of classes for Monday classes
Aug. 22nd                              1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Aug. 24th                               1st day of classes for Thursday classes
Sept. 1st                                Drop/Add Deadline
Sept. 4th                                Labor Day (no classes)
Sept. 15th                              Graduation Application Deadline for Fall Graduate
Sept. 1-30                              Scholarship Application Deadline
Oct.  5th -7th                          Youth Ministry Conference/Workshop
Oct. 16th -20th                        Fall Break
Nov. 20th-24th                        Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 7th                                 Last day of Classes/finals for Thursday classes
Dec. 11th                               Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
Dec. 12rh                               Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes
Dec. 16th                               Graduation           

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The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is updated weekly during the semester and provides the following information: seminary-wide announcements, important dates, and current ministry positions sent to the main campus CMR. Click HERE for The Gatekeeper (Main Campus) and click HERE for NGA Gatekeeper. 

For information specific to Georgia centers, check for updates on this site, NOBTS Georgia Facebook, NOBTS Georgia Twitter, and email blast sent from the NGA center. If you are not receiving emails and would like to join the email list please contact

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NGA Library 

The NGA library has approximately 27,000 books including journals and some audio-visual materials and the collection keeps growing. Also, don’t forget – the resources of the main campus library are also available to extension center students

ClickHERE for more information on the NGA Library. 

ClickHERE for updated resources information. 

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Orientation is a graduation requirement for all students. If you are a new student that has been accepted to attend NOBTS for an undergraduate or graduate degree please email  to register for Orientation. Or if you are a current student and for some reason, you have not attended the required Orientation you may email to register for orientation or for more information.

Student Absence Policies

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Schedule & Cycle

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NGAGraduate Cycle 

NGA Undergraduate Cycle

Fall 2017 Schedules

North Georgia Graduate Schedule for Fall 2017

Graduate Online Schedule Fall 2017

North Georgia Leavell College Schedule for Fall 2017

Leavell College Online Schedule Fall 2017

Course Syllabus


Fall 2017

North Georgia Graduate Course Syllabi Fall 2017

North Georgia Leavell College Course Syllabi Fall 2017

NOBTS Chapel Services

New Orleans host chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the semester at 11:00 am (CST). To view live Chapel services or an archive of chapel services please click HERE. 

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NGA Korean Programs 

Korean Theological Institute:

For information concerning the Korean Graduate or Undergraduate programs at the Duluth Center, please contact Dr. Bong Soo Choi (

Korean Doctorate of

For information concerning the Korean DMin program, please contact Dr. Jonggil Lee ( ).

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Other Centers in Georgia 

Click the link to learn more about the center:

Columbus Extension Center

Duluth Extension Center

Jonesboro Extension Center

South Georgia Extension Center

*North Georgia Extension Center Map 


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