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"That" vs "How" Theology

PREFACE  I talk with people about theology a lot. I even use it as my evangelism strategy. I’ll ask people what they think about God, if they think God is good, if they think God is just, etc. With that in mind, I recognize the irony of this blog post. If... READ MORE

Knowledge and Limitation

I don’t need to know everything. I’ve been wrestling with a research paper for a little while. I keep making small steps forward in the work only to grow intimidated by the vast amount of literature I won’t have time to consult. I struggle to make progress not because I’m uninterested... READ MORE

Hospital Theology

The extent of God’s sovereignty seems like an inescapable topic in the church today. It’s also possibly the most flammable theological discussion in the church today – if one can indeed call it a “discussion.” It manifests itself in seminary classrooms and pulpits and small groups and Facebook threads in words like “Arminian,”... READ MORE

Racial Reconciliation and Representation: RR pt. 2

Racial Reconciliation and Representation Racial Reconciliation is impossible without racial representation. We can't have true unity within diverse settings without the representation of multiple cultures in leadership positions. Representation is the fruit of Racial Reconciliation. Embracing our cultural differences results in us having compassion for one another and serving together without... READ MORE