Can You Dig It?

Gezer 2012 – Update Two

By Dr. Dan Warner

Dig Goals

Well we are at it again, back at the Gezer Water System Project for our third season. We have a crew of about 21 this year which is about our limit, (photo coming soon).  Our objectives this season are fourfold:

Widen the entrance to the cavern for greater exposure and proceed into the cavern itself.

Once inside the cavern we will sift the material remains found within and hopefully get lucky and find objects missed by Macalister with the goal of helping us date the system.

Locate the source of the water in the cavern.

Begin to study the features of the system both the water shaft and the water cavern.

If we can accomplish the first three objectives this season this would put us in excellent shape so that we can eventually open the system to the public and publish our results for scholarly study.