Upcoming Events - December 12, 2016

Finals’ Coffee Break All students….come to the Carey Hall Parlor TONIGHT, Monday, December 12 between 8 and 9 pm for a carb-filled, caffeine-enriched break from your studies! There will be plenty of coffee to keep you going! Look forward to seeing you then! Stay as little or as long as you... READ MORE

Eating More, Moving Less

Note from Dr. Emily Dean: Want to get serious about living healthy for the glory of God? Check out this week’s blog post as one of our NOBTS student wives, Jessica Parnell,shares with us about her journey to healthful living through taking a Ministry Wives class.   Let me just say that... READ MORE

An Excellent Woman

  She is a trustworthy woman.                   She is a strong woman.                                    She is a wise woman.                                                      She is adiligent woman.                                                                        She is aresourceful woman. What comes to mind when you think about these qualities? Are they characteristics you would like to be said about you? I know I do! Did you know... READ MORE