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The Leavell College of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's  curriculum is based upon eight competencies: Biblical Exposition, Christian/Theological Heritage, Effective Servant Leadership, Interpersonal Relationships, Spiritual and Character Formation, Disciple Making, Worship Leadership, and Life Skills. These competencies serve as the basis for effective ministry whether in the local church or on a denominational level. Our mission at Leavell College is to prepare students for current ministry and for furthering their education at the graduate level. With this mission in mind, the competency based curriculum was developed.

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (BACMin.) is one of two baccalaureate degrees offered and is the foundational degree of Leavell College. Various components of the degree blend together to provide a broad foundation for ministry. The degree requires 126 semester hours to complete. Included in this degree is a Life Skills component of 30 semester hours. The purpose of the Life Skills courses is to provide basic skills such as the ability to communicate properly whether in written or oral form. A 42 hour Christian Ministry major includes a variety of courses. All students pursuing this degree are required to take these classes. Required in this major are courses such as Old and New Testament Surveys, Hermeneutics, Southern Baptist Life, and Worship Perspectives. Also, every student with this major will be required to participate in a one-hour course entitled Personal Spiritual Disciplines which entails a small group of students being mentored by a faculty member. Additionally, the student will choose two 18-semester hour minors with this degree. Finally, the student will choose 18 hours of free electives. This degree would qualify a student to pursue a variety of degrees in the graduate program, including the Master of Divinity and Master of Christian Education. Students who complete the BACMin. are also prepared to participate in the Baptist College Partnership for the purpose of accelerating graduate study.

For those students who are preparing for a ministry of music or worship leadership, the Bachelor of Arts in Music provides the foundation for this ministry. The degree is composed of 126 semester hours, including 30 semester hours of Life Skills courses, a 21 hour Christian Ministry Core, and 51 semester hours of Church Music courses. In addition, the student would be able to choose a minor area of study. This degree would prepare a student to continue work at the graduate level, specifically in the area of church music.

The Associate in Christian Ministry is a seventy semester hour degree that serves as a basis for the BACMin. degree. A student may choose to take this degree in order to receive a basic level of education based upon the competencies outlined in the BACMin. degree or to complete an intermediate degree which would allow one to continue work towards a baccalaureate degree. The Associate in Christian Ministry consists of 21 semester hours of Life Skills courses, 43 semester hours of Christian Ministry required courses, and six hours of free electives. Students are not required to complete the Associate in Christian Ministry before pursuing the BACMin. degree, though some may choose to do so.

Leavell College offers three additional associate level degrees: the Associate in Church Music, the Associate in Children's Ministry and the Associate in Women's Ministry.

The Associate in Music is an intermediate degree which provides basic training in church music, yet also prepares a student to continue to work towards a baccalaureate degree. An emphasis is placed upon the development of musical competencies, as well as the formulation of music programs as a part of the ministry of a local church.

The Associate in Children's Ministry is an intermediate degree designed to provide basic training in Children's ministry. The degree consists of 21 semester hours of Life Skills courses, a 25-semester hour Christian Ministry course, 18 semester hours of Children's ministry courses, and 6 semester hours of free electives. A student with this degree can pursue a BACMin. degree and utilize the Children's Ministry concentration as a minor.

The Associate in Women's Ministry is designed to equip women to perform ministry to other women. The degree consists of 21 semester hours of Life Skill courses, a 25 hour Christian Ministry core, 18 hours of Women's Ministry courses (taught mainly during workshops), and 6 hours of free electives. A student with this associate degree can pursue a BACMin. degree and utilize the Women's Ministry concentration as a minor.

All students are encouraged to consult with a faculty member for guidance and direction of their educational pursuits. Prospective students can seek assistance in the selection of a degree program from a faculty advisor. In addition, the advisor can help with the process of the transfer of earned hours from an accredited institution. Current students are assigned advisors who will guide the students academic progress and give advice concerning registration. In addition, current students should seek the advice of their academic advisors concerning the possibility of changing degree programs or minors.


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