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Distance Education Options

We know that relocating to the Main Campus for study at NOBTS may not be possible for everyone called to serve in ministry.  For that reason, NOBTS has developed a network of extension centers and academic hubs throughout the southeastern region of the U.S. Through the use of technology to connect these centers to the faculty on the main campus, along with innovative course delivery systems, distance students may take advantage of ministry training led by a world-class faculty.  All distance degree programs require some workshop work on the Main Campus in order for students to take advantage of the unique resources the campus and the city have to offer.  For more information on the degree programs available in distance formats, please contact the Music Division.

Why come to New Orleans to study music and worship?

The Division of Church Music Ministries cherishes the relationship between its faculty and students. The small  ratio of music students to faculty enables individual student attention and guidance.

There are many churches in the area needing worship leadership and students studying worship can avail themselves of these opportunities.  As a result, students have the unique opportunity to validate in the local church what they are learning in the classroom. 

Curricula and methodology are designed to teach the broad areas of music and worship ministries so needed in churches today.  The church music program is vitally integrated in the Seminary family, encouraging dialogue among the core disciplines.  For example, at the master's level, future pastors, education specialists, youth pastors, counselors and worship leaders gather in one class to discover and discuss the essence of worship and its implications for the local church.

Music students have performance opportunities as soloists, instrumentalists, and members of various ensembles on campus, in the New Orleans area, and throughout the region.  Among our graduates are outstanding worship leaders and church musicians, award-winning vocalists, nationally known composers and performers, recognized leaders in higher education, and pominent denominational leaders.

The faculty of the music division has breadth of experience as practitioners as well as professors, serving in local churches, demonstrating excellence in their specialized fields.

New Orleans is a city known for its unique blend of music, food, and culture and provides a marvelous setting in which to study music and ministry. The campus and the city provide a rich learning environment for taking classroom instruction and applying it to the realities of ministry and outreach through the local church.  Many are delightfully surprised to find that God has created a sanctuary of theological foundation, Christ-centered meditation, Christ-honoring creative output, and celebrative worship in the most unlikely of cities - New Orleans.

 Read what some of our noted alumni have to say about the seminary and New Orleans below . . .

Noted Alumni

"I graduated in December of 1987 with a Masters of Church Music Degree. One of my graduating classmates was current faculty member, Dr. Becky Lombard. My evangelism professor was current president, Dr. Chuck Kelly. It is a joy to see how God is using them now at NOBTS!

"I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities that I had while I was a student there. I served Istrouma Baptist Church in Baton Rouge while I was a student and so I had the great opportunity of taking what I was studying in the classroom right into the “laboratory” of experience. It was a wonderful time in our lives.

"I was just starting to write songs then with no idea that it would lead to the opportunities I enjoy as Director, LifeWay Worship Music Group. Many of the choral and conducting experiences at NOBTS still impact what I did even as my most recent church postion as Associate Pastor of Music for First Baptist Church , Carrollton , Texas . Very few weeks go by that I don't have contact with a classmate or former professor. The friends made there have proved to be friends for life.

"Most of all, while I was there I was challenged as a Christian, as a musician, and as a minister. I have no doubt that the pattern of growth in my life to this very day started during my time at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I thank the Lord for the investment Southern Baptists made in my life through NOBTS.

"And every Friday was “red beans and rice” day in the cafeteria! How can you beat that!"

-Mike Harland, '87, Director, LifeWay Worship Music Group , Nashville, Tennessee.


"My time in New Orleans was life changing from every point of view. The Lord used our experience at First Baptist Church in Kenner to launch our concert ministry. Diane and I came to New Orleans expecting to study for a local church music ministry. Well, we are doing that ministry, but not in a way that we expected. God used the church to focus our calling to an itinerant ministry and we’ve enjoyed supporting local churches all over the nation through our concerts and our songwriting.

"My time in the music division at NOBTS did so many things to prepare me for this ministry. First, my education was top flight. The professors I was blessed to take classes under were very qualified in their areas of study. The classes were small enough to get a sense of personal interaction with the professors and the students. Second, my time of voice study under Dr. Clint Nichols helped me vocally to do what I do now-sing night after night. He was mentor and is still a great friend. Third, speaking of friends, I made life long friends during my days at NOBTS and have been privileged to sing in their churches over the years. I believe the fellowship enjoyed and friendships shared might have been the best part of my seminary experience.

"I thank the Lord for my time in New Orleans both at seminary and in my local church. They combined to put me on the path I’ve been on for 25 years now. Man, am I that old?

"May the Lord bless. And remember . . . God Still Moves."

- Chris Machen, The Master's Music Company, Chris Machen Concerts -- 972-491-1091 (office) / 972-491-1109 (fax) -- chris@mastersmusic.com / http://www.mastersmusic.com


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