Graduate Online Course Syllabi

The following syllabi are posted for your perusal and convenience. These syllabi are dateless (generic) and are posted for the student's convenience. These syllabi will give you an idea of the content, workload, and bibliography for various courses. These generic syllabi are NOT intended to function as the working syllabus for the actual course. While we make every effort to update these syllabi, we caution the student. We recommend that you contact the professor directly to ensure no changes have been made on the Required Textbook list before you purchase your textbooks.

You will find full-time and adjunct professor's emails listed on the 'Online Faculty Email Addresses' page of the Online Learning Center webpage main menu. If you do not know who your instructor will be, we suggest the following method: Locate your desired course on the appropriate Course Schedule and see who is listed to teach the course. Return to the Online Faculty Email Address page and locate your instructor's email address there. If an address is not posted or an instructor is listed as TBA (to be announced), please contact Dr. Thomas Strong for undergraduate faculty or Dr. Mike Edens for graduate faculty at The Deans will have the most up-to-date information on the instructors for their courses.

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