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Duties, Privileges, and Responsibilities

The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) is the church engaged in training selected persons for lives of ministry. These selected persons are students. Students of NOBTS, whether enrolled at the New Orleans Campus, an extension center, or as an online student, maintain certain privileges and responsibilities granted by the institution. The seminary reserves the right both to admit students and to allow students to matriculate according to the seminary’s sole judgement and discretion in keeping with the policies determined by the Southern Baptist Convention elected Board of Trustees and the seminary administration. Sole discretion in determining a student’s compliance with these policies and procedures rests with the President of the seminary.

While admission to the seminary does not give a student a contractual right which might supersede the seminary’s right to select, suspend, or dismiss those students whose conduct, behavior, or academic performance does not meet the seminary’s expectations for students of Christian ministries, the student is granted certain privileges and responsibilities listed below. Questions concerning the interpretation of any Student Handbook policy, including Students’ Rights and Responsibilities, should be directed to the Dean of Students or a designated staff member in the Dean of Students office.

Seminary Duties, Student Privileges & Responsibilities

  1. NOBTS has the duty to offer equitable and consistent academic policies. Students have the privilege to be enrolled in classes at NOBTS. Students have the responsibility to meet all academic requirements specified by the policies and administration of NOBTS (refer to the Academic Catalog and the Student Handbook).
  2. NOBTS has the duty to prepare students for Christian ministry in an environment free from discrimination and harassment based on race or gender. Students have the privilege to learn and live in this community, but the responsibility to treat other students, faculty, and staff in a manner honoring of Christ.
  3. NOBTS has the duty to set and maintain behavioral standards among students, staff, and faculty that exemplify Christ and provide a witness of His redemption to the surrounding community. Students have the responsibility to abide by the behavioral standards agreed to in the Ethical Conduct Statement signed as part of the application process, or those set forth in NOBTS policies.
  4. As an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention and as a confessional seminary, NOBTS has the duty to teach and maintain policies that are consistent with the NOBTS mission statement and The Baptist Faith and Message 2000, the official doctrinal confession of the Southern Baptist Convention. Students have the duty to abide by seminary policies, but have the privilege to hold personally to different doctrines than those affirmed in the Baptist Faith and Message and the responsibility to express their convictions with kindness, gentleness, respect, and self-control.
  5. NOBTS has the duty to provide students with the opportunity to participate in various student groups. NOBTS students have the privilege to participate in these student groups as well as the responsibility to follow the rules of those organizations and to honor the stated purpose of the group. NOBTS is not required to provide student organizations which are deemed outside the mission of the Seminary by the NOBTS President and administration.
  6. NOBTS has the duty to allow students to apply for student housing and financial aid. Student housing and financial aid are privileges granted to students under certain terms and conditions. Students have the responsibility to abide by the terms of housing policies and financial aid agreements. Violating those terms may result in loss of housing or financial aid and payment of fees.
  7. NOBTS has the duty to apply the financial policies of the institution in an equitable manner. Students have the responsibility to pay all bills, tuition, and fees when they are due.
  8. NOBTS has the duty to make the institution’s principles, policies, and procedures that are relevant to student life, explicit and readily available to appropriate persons. Students have the responsibility to abide by the policies and procedures of NOBTS. Policies and Procedures may be found in the most current versions of the academic catalog and the student handbook. These resources are available at
  9. NOBTS has the duty to allow students to express disagreement with NOBTS policies and the application of those policies through established channels. Student complaints may be registered via email with the Dean of Students Office. Students have the responsibility to accept and abide by the decisions made by NOBTS regarding student complaints.
  10. NOBTS faculty and staff have the duty to demonstrate appropriate levels of confidentiality with students and each other, but are not prohibited from contacting the administration when the NOBTS policies are breached. Students also have the responsibility to alert the administration of covenant breaches.
  11. NOBTS has the duty to provide reasonable safety assurances and protocols for students while they are on campus and in the classroom. NOBTS has a Disaster Relief Emergency Response Plan in place that can be made available for overview with appropriate permission given by the Dean of Student’s office.