Who We Are

Who We Are

New Orleans is a place to both learn ministry and do ministry. The decision the Southern Baptist Convention made 172 years ago still beats in the heart of New Orleans today. New Orleans is a mission field and NOBTS is training missionaries.

The commitments the Southern Baptists made to reach New Orleans 100 years ago still beats in the hearts in the heart of the seminary today.

The decision to launch a school of training, continues today.

Today our programs focus on the six divisions of our school:

Biblical Studies

Understanding the original languages and culture is central to our study of the Bible. Our scholars are making regular contributions in New Testament study through the research of the H. Milton Haggard Center for New Testament Textual Studies. The Moskau Institute of Archaeology hosts an annual dig in Israel where they are studying and interpreting the ancient Canaanite water system.

Discipleship and Ministry Leadership

Housing the Center for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation, as well as the Youth Ministry Institute, the Discipleship and Ministry Leadership division is breaking new ground in the field at large by leading the way through a time of change in Christian education. The Discipleship and Ministry Leadership division studies learning processes and ways to make teaching methods more effective.

Church and Community Ministries

The counseling program prepares students in clinical counseling and provides a pathway for licensure as professional counselors. The division also hosts a counseling center open to students and the public. Social work concentrations are offered in three masters programs to provide a biblical foundation for serving the church and community.

Church Music Ministries

With degrees combining classical training in music with practical application, the ultimate aim of our multifaceted program is to glorify Christ through His church. The Church Music Division is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Pastoral Ministries

Recently opening the Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching, the Pastoral Ministries division is dedicated to equipping pastors to serve the local church. The Pastoral Ministry division is also working to equip the next generation of church planters and missionaries.

Theological and Historical Studies

The Theological and Historical Studies Division provides theological, philosophical, historical, and apologetic resources to equip pastors and church leaders to promote God’s Kingdom in meaningful ways. Through the work of the Baptist Center, the Institute of Christian Apologetics and the Institute for Faith in the Public Square, students learn how to engage today's culture for the Gospel.

Levels of Education

In addition, NOBTS is committed to equipping every student God calls to ministry. Our undergraduate program offering certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees, while our graduate program offers certificates, and master degrees. Our doctoral program includes the doctor of philosophy (14 majors), doctor of education, doctor of musical arts, doctor of educational ministry, and doctor of ministry (with 20 majors).

NOBTS is equipping Gospel messengers today to make disciples that will shape our world tomorrow.

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