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The Alumni Ambassador program allows you as an alumni to assist prospective students. The program is designed for any level of involvement that you choose.

Being apart of the Alumni Ambassador program is coordinated through the Alumni Relations Office and Student Enlistment Office. Fill out the form below and submit it to be contacted about the Alumni Ambassador program!

What is an Alumni Ambassador?

An Alumni Ambassador is an alumni willing to assist prospective students in any of the following areas or levels of involvement:

  • Encourager: As God leads individuals in the influence of your ministry to vocational ministry or seminary education, encourage them to consider and pray about NOBTS.
  • Messenger: When a prospective student contacts the seminary seeking information, the Student Enlistment Office will contact you to drop them a personal note, letting them know you will be praying for them and willing to be a resource for them in their search for God’s place of training and equipping.
  • Conventioneer:* As the Student Enlistment Office makes recruitment visits to schools, colleges, universities, conventions, and conferences, this alumni is willing to help by monitoring a booth, speaking to prospective students, etc.
  • Host/Hostess:* Alumni willing to host prospective students in their home, church, or place of ministry providing a reception or meal. Coordination is through the Student Enlistment Office.

* = Participation at this level is based on the needs and determination of the Student Enlistment Office. Indication of availability for this purpose is the first step in the process.

To indicate your interest in serving as an Alumni Ambassador, please fill out the form below and submit:

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