Social Work Degrees

Master of Arts in Church & Community Ministries

If your ministry goals include reaching hurting communities, the MA in Church & Community Ministries may be exactly what you seek.  Preparing Christian workers for lives of service to at-risk communities requires a unique set of competencies and skills.  The MA CCM offers students training in both Biblical competency and social ministry, qualifying our graduates for lives of Christian service that extends the reach of the traditional church outward into hurting communities.  Now, more than ever, the United States is a mission field and the MA CCM is designed to equip graduates for this arena.

See page the Social Work brochure for more information.

Dual Degree Program 

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary & The University of Southern Mississippi

Students who desire Social Work licensure coupled with a firm biblical foundation may opt to participate in a unique partnership between New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) and The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) School of Social Work.  The two schools have established a dual degree program that provides comprehensive training in preparation for Christian social ministry. NOBTS offers the Master of Arts in Church and Community Ministries (MA CCM), Master of Divinity in Christian Education (MDiv) and Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE) degrees which prepare students for Christian social service careers. The USM Master of Social Work (MSW) program prepares students for professional social work practice and licensure.

This agreement makes it possible for NOBTS students to earn the MSW from an accredited social work program and ultimately to become licensed social workers, and will enable USM MSW students to earn the MA CCM, MDiv, or MACE from an accredited seminary. In essence, students from both institutions will now have the opportunity to concurrently earn a theologically based degree and a professional social work degree.

While each degree is accredited in its respective institution, administrators from both programs are committed to working with individual students to tailor their degree plan to their unique situation. 

Key Features of the Dual Degree Program

  • Students must apply to each school separately and be accepted by each; acceptance by one institution does not guarantee acceptance by the other.
  • Students of dual degree programs at other institutions cannot transfer into this program.
  • NOBTS faculty and USM faculty will cooperate in placing students for their field experience; NOBTS students will typically be placed in the Greater New Orleans area while USM students may elect to be placed in either New Orleans or Mississippi.
  • Students who decide not to complete the program must complete all the work required by the respective institutions for either degree in order to receive that degree separately.
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