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NOBTS Conversations

One of our passions at NOBTS is to dialogue about current issues affecting the culture and church, and we see the value in having more voices engaged in these types of conversations. Out of that passion flowed our "NOBTS Conversations" series. This is a series of video interviews with prominent and influential pastors, leaders, and thinkers within the evangelical Christian community. The conversations cover a host of issues but typically focus on subject matters and issues specific to the individual interviewee's expertise and passions. We hope that this series will encourage and educate the church in our call to engage the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal is to release new videos on a regular basis, so please watch for new videos to come.

Sarah Ankenman Ankenman discusses her ministry of training women in Christian apologetics and more.
Dr. Tim McGrew Dr. McGrew discusses the reliability of the Bible, issues facing Christian apologetics today, and his current projects in apologetics. 
Dr. Rob Bowman Dr. Bowman discusses Christian apologetics in today's culture.
Dr. Russell Moore Dr. Moore discusses current issues affecting the church.
Dr. David Platt Dr. Platt discusses the role of the personal devotional life in preaching and sermon preparation.

Dr. Thom Rainer

Dr. Rainer discusses the state and future of the Southern Baptist Convention and gives some wisdom for future ministers.
Dr. Johnny Hunt Dr. Hunt talks about passion in ministry and church revitalization. 
Dr. Greg Frizzell Dr. Frizzell discusses the need for genuine prayer and revival for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Dr. Robert Smith Dr. Smith discusses the nature of expository preaching and its role in the church.
Dr. Don Wilton Dr. Wilton challenges men to godliness and discusses the state of expository preaching in America.
Dr. Eric Hankins Dr. Hankins shares his perspective on Calvinism in today's Southern Baptist Convention as well as the benefits of denominationalism.
Dr. Stephen Rummage Dr. Rummage discusses qualities that all preachers should possess and gives advice on planning preaching.
Gregg Matte Matte shares about his ministry and his thoughts on how to share the gospel while meeting needs in society.
Dr. Frank Page Dr. Page discusses the state and future of the Southern Baptist Convention and valuable life lessons that he has learned in his roles of leadership.
Dr. David Uth Dr. Uth shares his thoughts on the role of the pastor in worship leadership, his work with the International Mission Board, and his ministry in Orlando.
Dr. Chuck Kelley Dr. Kelley discusses contemporary changes in theological education and how New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has evolved to adapt to those changes.
Dr. Fred Luter Dr. Luter tells the story of his ministry at Franklin Avenue and discusses the need for racial reconciliation in the Southern Baptist Convention.
Dr. O.S. Hawkins Dr. Hawkins offers biblical wisdom on financial stewardship and discusses Guidestone's reaction to the Affordable Care Act. 
Dr. Tom Elliff Dr. Elliff discusses the state and role of the International Mission Board around the world and gives a message to the entire Southern Baptist Convention.
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