Timothy Plan

The Timothy Plan

Building the Road

For many of us, when we hear about larger gifts--$10,000, $100,000, and even $1,000,000--while we celebrate, we think to ourselves, “Not me. I’ll never be able to do that.” And then, we don’t. We don’t give at all because we don’t think what we are able to give could actually make a difference.

Now, with the Timothy Plan, we’re changing that.

We're taking 100% of your giving towards the Timothy Plan and we're leveraging it together,  through the Providence Fund,  for maximum Kingdom impact.

Giving Your Year

Take Your Class, 2017, for Example -- A single monthly gift of $20.17 would add up to a total gift of $242.04. That’s nearly a full credit hour for a student. Give that same amount over the course of the next three years and the total is $726.12. If 10 people from the Class of 2017 were to give that much, the total over three years would add up to over $7,250.

Or Look at it from Another Perspective -- If one person from each year, 1980-1989, gave his or her year for 12 months, that would total $2,381.40. If 10 people from each class, 1980-1989, gave their year, it jumps to $23,814.00.

Now, Let’s Take it Two Steps Further -- If just one person from every graduating class between 1968 and 2017 (50 years), gave his or her year for one year, that total comes to $11,905. And if 10 people from each class--500 people--gave just their year ... that’s $119,550. It only takes a few people to invest over a hundred thousand dollars into Kingdom work. And that’s only the beginning.

Give it some thought. Click GIVE below and try it for a year or two.
Then sit back and watch God work through you and your gift as you become the very blessing to
someone that someone else was to you.

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