Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are designed to equip leaders in selected areas of ministry. Leaders who serve in local churches or denominational organizations and agencies can benefit through certificate study. Any courses taken as part of the certificate curriculum can be transferred easily into a graduate level degree. Interest in a specific ministry area can best be satisfied by one of five certificates: Age Group MinistryLifespan Discipleship, Collegiate Ministry, Christian Education, Christian School Education, or Women's Ministry (see catalog). Choose based on your level of interest in teaching, discipleship and leadership.

The curriculum of the certificate program is composed of graduate courses offered by the seminary in a variety of learning settings. The required courses are offered regularly on campus and internet or mentoring. A good variety of electives are also offered in the classroom, in workshops or on the internet.

Upon completion of an 17/18-hour Discipleship and Ministry Leadership Division Certificate students who desire additional educational preparation may pursue a Master of Divinity degree (MDIV/CE, MDIV/Leadership, MDIV/Collegiate), a Masters of Arts (MACE), or a Master of Arts in Discipleship (MADI) degree by transferring earned credit from graduate certificate courses.

For additional information contact the Office of the Registrar for enrollment process. 


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