Doctor of Education

A Word from Our Director of the EdD

Thank you for exploring the EdD program. This degree is designed for individuals who will serve as undergraduate teachers at Christian and community colleges, private school headmasters and teachers, or ministry practitioners with a desire to teach. The elective component of the degree will provide students with choices that match their vocational goals.
Dr. Randy Stone

Program Design

Required seminars will meet four Friday evenings in a semester in a two-year cycle. Reading colloquiums and workshops will be offered as one-week workshops during the summer. Elective seminars will be offered at different times depending on the major.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Doctor of Education degree is to equip individuals for denominational or interdenominational leadership positions in the field of religious education or teaching.

The goals for this degree include mastery of educational disciplines, graduate-level understanding of theological disciplines, and capacity to engage in administration, teaching, and research.

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