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Admission Requirements

Students must possess an ATS approved MA/MRE degree or comparable degree from an institution of higher education accredited by a US agency recognized by CHEA or another approved North American MA/MRE degree. Degrees from secular or non-ATS schools may be considered with completion of supplemental studies. Competancy in the field of Christian Education is assessed with an entrance exam.

Students must submit a research paper for a writing assessment, complete the EdD Entrance Exam, submit a Profesional Profile, and participate in an EdD Oversight Committee interview. Students are also required to demonstrate competency in research statistics. However, students without sufficient statistics knowledge are expected to complete an introduction course the first semester in the progam.

Ministry experience is not a prerequisite, however potential contribution to educational leadership in schools, churches, and denominations is a requirement. Applicants with an MEd or EdS can complete biblical, theological, and ministry leadership courses to meet the equivalency requirements. Students should email their transcripts to The student's transcript will be evaluated for proficiency and competency in theology and Christian Education. 


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