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South Florida Center offers both Graduate and Undergraduate degrees

Dr. David Lema, Director
Center for the Americas, UIC   
631 East 1 Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33010
Phone : (305) 888-9777
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Welcome to the South Florida web page.  For more information regarding the degree programs, please call us Monday-Friday at 305-888-9777.

◊ Master of Divinity classes held  bi-weekly on Mondays in the Fall and Spring Semesters

◊ Associate and Bachelor of Christian Ministry classes taught in English, Spanish, and French.  Weekly classes offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday



 For information regarding the New Student Orientation, please send an email to:


Please remember to apply for the Returning Student Scholarship.  Submission dates are:  
September 1st - 30th for the Spring semester and April 1st - 30th for the Fall semester
Inquire about available scholarships at:  


2020-2021 Tuition

2020-2021 Key Academic Dates

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Graduate Monday 3 Year Cycle

Undergraduate Cycle

Degree Sheets:

MDiv Control Sheet

MACE Control Sheet



Graduate Spring 2021 Schedule

Undergraduate Spring 2021--Hialeah Schedule

Undergraduate Spring 2021--Broward French Schedule


Graduate Fall 2020/21 Schedule

Undergraduate Fall 2020/21 --Hialeah Schedule

Undergraduate Fall 2020/21-- Broward French Schedule


Graduate NOLA Campus Schedule               

Undergrad NOLA Campus Schedule

Graduate Academic Workshops

Undergrad NOLA Workshops



Spring 2021 Graduate

CEEF6301 Foundations of Christian Education--Cline

DISC5171 Personal Disciplemaking--DelRio

DISC5260 Discipleship Strategies--Stewart

HIST5201 History of Christianity 2--Arnold

OTHB6300 Intermediate Hebrew Grammar--Warner

PREA6200 Preaching Practicum--Lema


Spring 2021 Undergraduate



LCBS3328-30 Old Testament Studies: Psalms and Ancient Wisdom--Mira

LCBS3336-30 New Testament Studies: Johannine Literature--Slavich

LCCF2360-30 Teaching Methods--Arango

LCCM2352-30 Principles and Practice of Missions--Slavich

LCCM3356-30 Church Revitalization--Lema

LCCM3380-30 Preaching Lab--Mira

LCGE1372-30 Contemporary Math--Lamy

LCGE2390-30 Introduction to Counseling--Felix


LCBS3324-0031 Old Testament Studies: Israel and the Promised Land--Spanish--Valdes

LCBS3338-0031 New Testament Studies: General Epistles--Spanish--Valdes

LCBS4336-0031 New Testament Interpretation: Revelation--Spanish--Lema

LCCF2380-0031 Introduction to Preaching--Spanish--Becerra

LCCM1360-0031 Educational Ministries of the Church--Arango

LCPC2390-0031 Human Development--Spanish--Leiva

LCPM3380-0031 Evangelism/Revival Preaching--Spanish--Becerra

LCTH2342-0031 Introduction to Ethics--Spanish--Millan



LCBS4332-0033 New Testament Interpretation: John--French--Michel

LCCF2340-0033 Christian Doctrine--French--W.Jules

LCCF2360-0033 Teaching Methods--French--Michel

LCCF2380-0033 Introduction to Preaching--French--Saint Hilaire

LCCM2352-0033 Principles and Practice of Mission--French--E.Jules

LCCM3350-0033 Christian Life Development--Saint Hilaire

LCGE2356-0033 World Religions--French--W.Jules




Fall 2020/21 Graduate

BSHM5310 Introduction to Hermeneutics--Parker/DelRio

CEAM6314 Leading Team Based Ministry--Stewart

CEEF6211 Teaching Practicum--Cline

DISC5170 Introduction to Spiritual Formation--DelRio

HIST5300 History of Christianity 1--Arnold

OTHB5300 Intoduction to Hebrew Grammar--Warner--Updated

PREA5300 Proclaiming the Bible--Lema


Fall 2020/21 Undergraduate


LCBS2310-30 Biblical Backgrounds--Steen

LCBS2330-30 Greek 1--Lema

LCBS3332-30 NT: Life of Jesus--Mira

LCCF1354-30 Church Leadership & Administration --Lema

LCCF2370-30 Worship Perspectives--Arango

LCCF2380-30 Introduction to Preaching--Mira

LCGE1390-30 Marriage & Family Issues--Leiva

LCPC3390-30 Contemporary Approaches to Marriage & Family--Felix

LCBS3322-0031 Old Testament Studies: Moses--Spanish--Castellanos

LCBS3334-0031 NT Studies: Paul and the Early Church--Spanish--Lema

LCCF1352 -0031 Introduction to Ministry--Spanish--Millan

LCCF2350-0031 Practice of Evangelism--Spanish--Becerra

LCCM3360-0031 Teaching Lab--Spanish--Arango

LCCM3380-0031 Preaching Lab--Spanish--Becerra

LCCM4360-0031 Foundations in Discipleship Strategies--Spanish--Arango

LCPM3382-0031 Expository Preaching--Spanish--Lema


LCBS3328-0033 Old Testament Studies: Psalms--French--Michel

LCBS3334-0033 New Testament Studies: Paul & Early Church--French--St. Hilaire

LCCF1320--0033 Old Testament Survey--French--St. Hilaire

LCCF1352 -0033 Introduction to Ministry--French--W. Jules

LCCM4360-0033 Foundations in Discipleship Strategies--French--Eugene

LCGE1390-0033 Marriage & Family Issues--French--Simon

LCGE2356-0033 World Religions--French--E. Jules

LCTH2344-0033 Introduction to Apologetics--French--Michel


Student Resources:  

Student Information Contact Sheet

Degrees: Students may earn an Associate or Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministry or a Master of Divinity.

Classes meet on:

◊ Monday during the day for Graduate students at the Hialeah location.

◊ Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights for Undergraduate students at the FBC UIC Hialeah in English or Spanish; French at the Broward location.

Call the center director for more information on the class sites. 


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