Dr. R. Dennis Cole


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Dr. R. Dennis Cole

Dr. R. Dennis Cole

Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology occupying the Mcfarland Chair of Archaeology

Co-Director, Center for Archaeological Research

Office: Dodd Faculty Building -- Office #201
Office Phone: (504) 282-4455 ext. 3248
Fax: (504) 816-8039
E-Mail: RDCole@nobts.edu


  • B.A. in Mathematics Education, University of Florida, 1972.
  • M.Div., Th.M., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1976, 1978.
  • Th.D., Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1984.
  • Honorary Research Fellow, W. F. Albright Institute, Jerusalem, for Archaeological Research. Fall 1992.
  • Project Research: "The Vineyard and the Cultus: A Study in the Socio-Cultic Implications of Bronze and Iron Age Viticulture and Vinification." Following the completion of the Numbers Commentary and the Intro to Biblical Archaeology for Broadman, I plan to continue research toward the completion of a book on this subject.

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Fellow, Contract Teacher, Old Testament & Hebrew, Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, 1976-78.
  • Contract Instructor, Biblical Archaeology, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Part-time Fall 1982, Full-time 1983-86.
  • Professor of Biblical Archaeology, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1986-2000.
  • Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology, NOBTS, 2000-present

Teaching Specializations

  • Historical Geography of Bible Lands
  • Encountering the Biblical World - Biblical Backgrounds
  • Advanced Hebrew Exegesis: Genesis, Numbers, 1-2 Kings, Psalms, Jeremiah
  • History and Philosophy of Judaism
  • Jewish Holy Days
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Archaeological Methods and Techniques
  • Archaeology and the New Testament
  • Archaeology of the Ancient Near East
  • Syro-Palestinian Archaeology and the Old Testament
  • Biblical Aramaic
  • PhD Seminar - Dead Sea Scrolls
  • PhD Seminar - International Relations and Foreign Policy in the Ancient Near East
  • PhD Seminar - Studies in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology
  • PhD Seminar - Studies in Greco-Roman Archaeology
  • PhD Seminar - Readings in Northwest Semitic Literature
  • PhD Seminar - Studies in the Psalms
  • PhD Seminar - Interpreting the Pentateuch
  • PhD Seminar - Biblical Backgrounds in Interpretation
  • PhD Seminar - Interpreting the Old Testament Writings
  • DMin Seminar - Preaching from the Book of Numbers
  • DMin Seminar - Studies in the Book of Jeremiah
  • DMin Seminar - Preaching from Joshua
  • Research Techniques and Project Design

Ministry Experience

  • Passover Seders - Churches in Oregon & the Southeast US: 1975 - present
  • January Bible Studies
  • Ancient Israel Studies, in churches in LA, MS, OR, FL, AL, GA 1977-present
  • Supply Preaching -- OR, WA, FL, LA, MS, AL, TN 1976-present
  • Youth Ministry -- First Baptist Church Ormond Beach, FL Summer 1979
  • Youth Ministry -- First Baptist Church Milwaukie, OR 1976-79
  • Sunday School Teacher -- Children, Youth, Singles, and all Adult Ages, 1971-present
  • Deacon -- Gentilly Baptist Church, NOLA 1983-2006
  • Church Treasurer -- Gentilly Baptist Church, NOLA 1987-present
  • Lecturer in Biblical Backgrounds & Archaeology throughout the Southeastern USA, including churches and synagogues in the New Orleans area, 1980-present
  • Associate Pastor, Gentilly Baptist Church, 2007-present


  • "The Old and the New: Paul's Ministry of the Covenant, 2 Corinthians 2:14-3:18" Theological Educator, Fall 1989.
  • "A Crisis of Faith: The Idolatry Polemics in the Book of Hosea" Theological Educator, Fall 1993.
  • "Archaeology and the Cities in the Book of Acts" Theological Educator, 1992.
  • "Recent Developments in Biblical Archaeology" Theological Educator, Spring 1994.
  • "The Visionary Context of Revelation: Amos 7-9 and the Ethics of the Kingdom" Theological Educator, Fall 1995.
  • "The Inns of the First Century" Biblical Illustrator, Winter 1999.
  • "The Moabite Stone" in Biblical Illustrator, 2010.
  • "Introduction to the Book of Numbers," in Biblical Illustrator, 2011
  • Bandits, Prophets and Messiahs: Popular Movements at the Time of Jesus, by Richard A. Horsley and John S. Hanson (Theological Educator, Fall 1987)
  • Manners and Customs in the Bible, by Victor H. Matthews (Theological Educator, Fall 1989)
  • Biblical Archaeology: The World, the Mediterranean, the Bible, by Henry O. Thompson (Theological Educator, Fall 1989)
  • II Chronicles (Word Biblical Commentary), by Raymond B. Dillard (Theological Educator, Fall 1990)
  • Nag Hammadi Gnosticism, and Early Christianity, eds. Charles W. Hedrick and Robert Hodgson, Jr. (Theological Educator, Fall 1990)
  • The Nag Hammadi Library in English (rev. ed.). James M. Robinson, Gen. Ed.(Theological Educator, Fall 1990)
  • Archaeology of the Land of the Bible (10,000-586 B.C.) by Amihai Mazar. The Anchor Bible Reference Library Series. (Theological Educator, Fall 1990)
  • The World of Jesus: First-Century Judaism in Crisis, Understanding Jesus Today by John Riches (Theological Educator, Fall 1991)
  • Jewish Law From Jesus to the Mishnah: Five Studies by E. P. Sanders (Theological Educator, Fall 1991)
  • Jeremiah, Lamentations. The Communicator’s Commentary, by John Guest (Theological Educator, Fall 1991)
  • Writings From Ancient Israel: A Handbook of Historical and Religious Documents by Klaas A. D. Smelik, G. I. Davies (Theological Educator, Fall 1993)
  • Jesus and the Forgotten City: New Light on Sepphoris and the Urban World of Jesus by Richard A. Batey (Theological Educator, Fall 1993)
  • The Archaeology of Ancient Israel, ed. by Amnon Ben-Tor & R. Greenberg (Theological Educator, Fall 1993)
  • What Has Archaeology To Do With Faith? Ed. by James H. Charlesworth and Walter P. Weaver, (Theological Educator, Fall 1993)
  • The Christian and Judaic Invention of History, ed. by Jacob Neusner, American Academy of Religion, Studies in Religion, vol. 55, (Theological Educator, Fall 1993)
  • Israel and the Politics of Land: A Theological Case Study by W. Eugene March (Theological Educator, Spring 1995)
  • Giving Goliath His Due: New Archaeological Light on the Philistines, by Neal Bierling (Theological Educator, Spring 1995)
  • The History of Ancient Palestine, by Gosta W. Ahlstrom, with a contribution by Gary O. Rollefson (Theological Educator, Fall 1995)
  • Numbers 1-20: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary, Anchor Bible Commentary, by Baruch A Levine (JETS, Spring 1997)
  • Numbers: An Exegetical Commentary, by R. K. Harrison (JETS, Spring 1997)
  • Creator and Creation: Nature in the Worldview of Ancient Israel, by Ronald A. Simkins (JETS, Spring 1997)
  • The Biblical Flood: A Case Study of the Church’s Response to Extrabiblical Evidence, by Davis A. Young (JETS, Spring 1997)
  • The Sub-Loco Notes in the Torah by D. Mynatt. 1997. (Hebrew Studies, 1999).
  • The Study of the Ancient Near East in the 21st Century: The W.F. Albright Centennial Conference. Ed. By J.S. Cooper and G.M. Schwartz. (JETS. Fall, 1998).
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology of the Near East. Ed. by Eric Meyers, et al. (JETS, Spring 1999)
  • The Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls, ed. by L. Schiffman, and J. Vanderkam, 2000. (JETS, 2001).
  • The New King James Study Bible "Introduction and Notes on the Book of Jeremiah" Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997.
  • Disciples Study Bible, "Introduction to the Book of Deuteronomy" Broadman, 1988.
  • The Book of Numbers. New American Commentary. Broadman, 2000.
  • Translation of Numbers 1-17. Holman Christian Standard Bible, Broadman & Holman Publishers, 2000-01.
  • "Notes on Numbers" in the Apologetics Study Bible, Broadman & Holman, 2009
  • "Numbers" in Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, Zondervan 2009.
  • "Notes on Numbers" in the HCSB Study Bible, Broadman & Holman, 2010
  • "The Challenge of Faith's Final Step: Israel's Journey toward Victory in Numbers 33," in Giving the Sense: Understanding and Using Old Testament Historical Texts, eds. D.M. Howard, Jr. and M. Grisanti, Kregel, 2003.
  • Current project: NUMBERS, The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary for Logos
  • Current Project: Tapestry in the Torah: Literary Structures in the Pentateuch,
  • Current Project: NAC Numbers Commentary revision based upon the CSB Translation
  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, Eerdmans, 1999.
  • Holman Bible Dictionary. Broadman 1991. Numerous articles.
  • Articles on Vine & Vineyard, Wine, Drink, Drunkenness, Bethlehem, etc.


  • "The Structure and Theology of the Book of Numbers," Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, Nov 1998.
  • "The Structure of the Book of Numbers," Society of Biblical Literature Regional Meeting, Dallas, TX, March 1998.
  • "Balaam in Context: Recurrent Themes and Literary Structures in the Balaam Oracles and the Book of Numbers," Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, November 2000.
  • "Balaam in Context: Recurrent Themes and Literary Structures in the Balaam Oracles and the Book of Numbers," Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, November 2000.
  • "Literary Tapestry in the Narrative of the Torah: A Comparative Study of Genesis 1, Leviticus 16, and Numbers 19," Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting , 2002.
  • "Aesthetic Developments in Psalms 22-24: A New Approach to the Reading and Interpretation of Selected Psalms," Evangelical Theological Society Annual Meeting, Providence, RI, 2008.
  • "From Jabez to Josiah: The Rhetorical Function of 'Prayer" in 1-2 Chronicles" ETS Presentation


  • American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) 1981-present, ASOR Corporate Rep. for NOBTS
  • Senior Research Fellow at W.F. Albright Institute Fall 1992
  • Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) 1982-present
  • Near Eastern Archaeological Society 1989-present
  • Evangelical Theological Society, 1978-present

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