Dr. Daniel H. Holcomb

Dr. Daniel H. Holcomb

Dr. Daniel H. Holcomb

Distinguished Professor of Church History

Office: Dodd Building: Office 211
Office Phone: 504-282-4455 ext. 3258
Fax: 504-286-3639
E-Mail: dholcomb@nobts.edu


  • B. A. Mississippi College - 1954; Major: Bible, Minors: English and History
  • B. A. University of Southern Mississippi - 1957; Major: American and European History
  • B. D. New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary - 1959; Concentration: Church History
  • Th. M. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - 1963; Major: Church History. Thesis: "The Theology of Henry B. Smith (1815-1877): With Special Reference to Contemporary Influences"
  • Th. D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - 1969; Major: Church History, Minor: Philosophy of Religion. Doctoral Dissertation: "The New Church History: The Quest of a Dialogic Approach in American Protestantism Since 1945"
  • Notre Dame Seminary (Archdiocese of New Orleans) - 1985; Areas of Study: Roman Catholic Spirituality (Warren Dicharry) and Theological Method (Terry Tekippe)
  • Yale University - Research Fellow - 1986; Areas of Study: Medieval Spirituality (Julia Gatta), The Philosophy of Symbol and Myth (Louis Dupre), The Historian and the Believer (John Stroup), Popular Religion in Europe and America (Jon Butler)
  • Oxford University - Visiting Scholar - 1992; Areas of Study: Philosophy of Religion (Richard Swinburne, University College), Protestant Reformation (Alistair McGrath, Wycliffe Hall), Origen (Timothy Ware, Pembroke), Sociology of Religion (Brian Wilson, All Souls), Modern Theology (Keith Ward, University College)
  • Vanderbilt University Divinity School - Visiting Scholar - 1993; Areas of Study: The Radical Reformation (Richard Harrison), History of Modern Christianity (Dale Johnson), Recent and Contemporary European Philosophy of Religion (Edward Farley)

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor in Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1965-67
  • Assistant Professor of Religion, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1969-74
  • Associate Professor of Religion, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1974-1979
  • Associate Professor of Church History, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1979-1989
  • Professor of Church History, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1989-1994
  • John T. Westbrook Professor of Church History, Chairman, Division of Theological and Historical Studies, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1994-Present
  • Adjunct Professor - World History, NOBTS College of Undergraduate Studies, 1995-Present
  • Adjunct Professor - History, Philosophy, William Carey College (New Orleans campus), 1988-1991

Teaching Specializations

  • Early Christianity
  • The Radical Reformation
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Theory and Method of Church History

Ministry Experience

  • Extensive experience as pastor, interim pastor, supply minister, revival speaker, conference and retreat leader.
  • Preached/taught in churches in AL, AZ, FL, KY, LA, MS, MO, OK, SC, TX, VA.
  • Conferences and Retreats (Windemere, MO; Gulfshore, MS; Falls Creek, OK; Eagle Eyrie, VA; Ridgecrest, NC; Glorieta, NM)


  • Costly Commitment - Convention Press 1978
  • Our Heritage of Faith - Convention Press 1983
  • Compiler and editor, Readings in Baptist History. Privately printed, 1986.
  • Contributed chapter, "The Doctrine of Salvation and the Support of Missions," Morris Ashcraft, ed., Mission Unlimited: Biblical and Doctrinal Foundation of Support of Missions. Nashville, TN: Stewardship Commission of the SBC, 1976, pp. 259- 291.
Books in preparation
  • Disturbing Grace
  • No Escape: What to Do When You Have to Take Church History
  • The Recovery of Excellence
  • C. Penrose St. Amant: Celebration of a Legacy (6 vols.)


  • Thomas F. Staley Lecturer, William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS, April 16-18, 1990; Theme: The Baptist Heritage of Freedom; Lectures: "The Travail of Religious Freedom"; "Advocates of Freedom"; "Religious Freedom: A Baptist Rationale"
  • Herschel H. and Frances J. Hobbs Lecturer, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK, October 29, 1997; Lecture: "The Classics of Christian Devotion: Wellsprings of Southern Baptist Renewal"
  • The Eleanor and Nathaniel P. Phillips, Sr. Memorial Lecturer, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, April 16, 1998; Lecture: "Images of God in Contemporary Literature"

Audiotaped Presentations

  • "Baptists and Calvinism: Facing the Issues," Continuing Education Conference (NOBTS), January 22, 1996
  • The Protestant Reformation of the Sixteenth Century
  • - Life and Theology of John Calvin (1509-1564)
  • - The Development of Calvinism
  • - Calvinism in Baptist Experience: Modifications and Challenges
  • "The Holy Spirit" - Bible/Doctrinal Study, Home Missions Week, Ridgecrest Conference Center (NC), August 13-18, 1978
  • - The Promise of the Spirit
  • - The Presence of the Spirit
  • - The Spirit and the Word (Two Parts)
  • - The Spirit and the Incarnate Word
  • - The Spirit and Scripture
  • - The Spirit and the World
  • - Life in the Spirit
  • Chapel Sermons (NOBTS)
  • - When the Word Becomes Flesh
  • - Strong at the Broken Places
  • - On Being Finely Aware and Richly Responsible
  • - The Tremble Factor
  • - The Unwelcomed Christ
  • - A Song in the Night
  • - Life in the Son
  • - Listen and Obey
  • - What Crucified Jesus?
  • - The Ministry of Waiting
  • - The Burning Bush and Our Task
  • - Longing for Wings
  • - Beyond Prison Thinking
  • - The Importance of Little Things
  • - The Ministry of Intercession

Professional Organizations

  • Omicron Delta Kappa
  • American Academy of Religion
  • American Society of Church History
  • Conference on Faith and History
  • Southern Baptist Historical Society
  • College Theology Society

Teaching Assignments

  • NOBTS College of Undergraduate Studies
  • - World History I and II
  • NOBTS Graduate Program
  • - Baptist History
  • - History of Christianity: Early and Medieval
  • - History of Christianity: Reformation and Modern
  • - History of Early Christianity
  • - Christian Devotional Classics
  • - Renaissance and Reformation
  • - The Radical Reformation
  • - History of Modern Christianity
  • - Historical Theology
  • - Philosophy of Religion
  • Doctoral Seminars (Ph.D)
  • - Studies in Early Christianity
  • - The Continental Reformation
  • - Theory and Method of Church History
  • Doctoral Seminars (D.Min)
  • - Spiritual Formation of the Minister
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