Dr. Dan Warner


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Dr. Dan Warner

Dr. Dan Warner

Associate Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology, occupying the Don and Helen Bryant Chair of Old Testament and Archaeology

Director, Center for Archaeological Research

Office: Orlando, FL
Office Phone: (407) 468-4251
E-Mail: dwarner@nobts.edu


  • PhD - Trinity College & University of Bristol, England (2007)
  • ThM - Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake IN (1984)
  • BA - Spurgeon Baptist Bible College, FL (1972)

Teaching Experience

  • Professor of Bible, Palm Beach Atlantic University, Adjunct (Orlando, FL)
  • Professor of Humanities, Valencia Community College, Adjunct (Kissimmee, FL)
  • Professor of Old Testament, The Expositors Seminary, Adjunct (Jupiter, FL)
  • Annual Professor of Biblical Archaeology – Ministerios Evangélicos de las Americas (Siguatepeque, Honduras, South America)
  • Associate Professor of Old Testament, Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Associate Professor of Bible & Religion, Spurgeon Baptist Bible College (Mulberry, FL)
  • Professor of Biblical Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Adjunct (Tampa, FL)

Teaching Specializations

  • Old Testament Studies
  • Biblical Archaeology
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies
  • Humanities

Center For Archaeological Research

  • Director

Additional Studies & Research

  • PhD Studies (Archaeology & Humanities) - Florida State University
  • Archaeological Field Research - Ben Gurion University (Beer-Sheva, Israel)
  • Graduate Studies (Biblical Archaeology) - University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)
  • Graduate Studies - Harvard University Summer Program (Ashkelon, Israel)
  • Jerusalem University College formerly American Institute of Holy Land Studies, (Jerusalem, Israel)

Professional Employment 

  • President and Founder, The Virtual Bible Project, 1999 to Present, Orlando, FL
  • Consultant and Field Archaeologist, Archaeological and Historical Conservancy, Inc., Davie, FL
  • Layout Design, Eisenbrauns Book Publishers, Winona Lake, IN


  • 2015 - Introduction to Biblical Archeology, in preparation, Zondervan
  • 2015 - Canaanite Religion, in preparation, Borderstone Press
  • 2013 - Cura Aquarum, forthcoming "The Gezer Water System, Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel" Results From the 2010-2012 Excavations.
  • 2013 - Co-Editor, Festschrift for Dr. James Strange, in preparation, Borderstone Press
  • 2013 - In Preparation, Biblical Terrain Model & Archaeological Reconstructions (Jerusalem), Logos
  • 2012 - Archeological Reconstructions, Revised NIV Study Bible,   Zondervan
  • 2011 - Archaeological Reconstructions, Essential Bible Companion to Life in Bible Times, Zondervan
  • 2008 - The Archeology of Canaanite Cult., VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG
  • 2007 - Archaeological/Historical reconstructions, The New Testament in Antiquity, Zondervan
  • 2007 - Photo Editor, Revised Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, Zondervan
  • 2005 - "The Metaphor of ‘Sheep' and ‘Shepherd' and the Security of God's Flock," from the Old Testament - Inter School Christian Fellowship Group of Presentation College (San Fernando, South Trinidad)
  • 2004 - "Ashkelon" - Sola Scriptura Journal, Faith Baptist Bible College (Kerala, India)
  • 2004 - "Altars in the Archaeological Record" - Sola Scriptura Journal, Faith Baptist Bible College (Kerala, India)
  • 2004 - "Gate Keeper" - Sola Scriptura Journal, Faith Baptist Bible College (Kerala, India)
  • 2004 - "The Gate in Scripture" - Sola Scriptura Journal, Spring Vol. 6 (Orlando, FL)
  • 2001 - "Abraham's Journey," Interactive CD - The Virtual Bible (Orlando, FL)
  • 1990 - "The Divided Kingdom," A Teachers Guide and Student Manual - Regular Baptist Press (Schaumburg IL)
  • Various articles for different newspapers: Winter Haven News Chief, Lakeland Ledger and Florida Christian News (local newspapers), and for The Baptist Bulletin (News magazine for Regular Baptist Press)

Archaeological Field Experience

  • Co-Director, Gezer Water System Project, Tel Gezer, Israel
  • Senior Field Supervisor, Tel Gezer Expedition, Israel
  • Senior Field Supervisor, Tel Kabri Expedition, Israel
  • Field Supervisor, Megiddo Expedition, Israel
  • Senior Field Supervisor, Tel el Farah S. Expedition, Israel
  • Field Supervisor, Land of Gerar Expedition, Beer-Sheva, Israel
  • Field Supervisor, Leon Levi Expedition, Ashkelon, Israel 

Professional Experience/Conferences

  • 2013 - Cura Aquarum Conference, Jerusalem Israel, "The Gezer Water System, Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel"
  • 2013 - NEAS Annual Conference, "Is the Ark of the Covenant Buried in the Gezer Water System"
  • 2012 - Veritas Academy, Savannah GA, "Biblical Archaeology and the Bible"
  • 2011 - Oklahoma Water Research Institute, "Ancient Israelite Water Systems" 
  • 2011 - NEAS Annual Conference, "Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel"
  • 2011 - Gezer Symposium, ASOR Annual Conference, "The Gezer Water System"
  • 2007 - Present. Bible Teacher, ACTS Classes - First Baptist Church Orlando, FL
  • 2007 - Biblical Archaeology - First Baptist, Fayetteville, NC
  • 2007 - Lecture "Where is Mt Sinai" - Bible Conference Holy Land Experience (Orlando Fl)
  • 2006 -The Renewed Excavations at Gezer - Near Eastern Archeological Society Annual Meeting
  • 2006 - The Land of the Bible - First Baptist Church of Griffin, GA
  • The Middle Bronze Age- Tel Gezer Expedition, Israel
  • Biblical Archaeology - Grace Bible Church, Jupiter Fl
  • Biblical Archaeology - Westwood Lake Baptist Church, Miami, FL
  • Biblical Archaeology - Central Baptist Church, Miami, FL
  • Seminars/Conferences - United States (13 States) and abroad (4 countries)
  • Rivka - Film Consultant, Campus Crusade for ChristRadio - Frequently contacted for radio interviews for biblical archaeology & Bible

Professional Affiliations

  • American Schools of Oriental Research
  • Evangelical Theological Society
  • Israel Exploration Society
  • Near Eastern Archaeological Society
  • Society of Biblical Literature
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