Dr. Robert E. Wilson


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Dr. Robert E. Wilson

Dr. Robert E. Wilson

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry with Leavell College (Ministry-Based)

GA/AL Certificate Center Director

Office: North Georgia Center
Office Phone: (470) 655-0837
Fax: 770-679-8809
E-Mail: rwilson@nobts.edu


  • A.A. Los Angeles Trade Technical College, 1980
  • B.A. California Baptist University, 1981, B.S., Clayton State University, 2016
  • MACE Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1982
  • M.Div. Equivalent, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1984
  • D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003

Teaching Experience

  • Adjunct Faculty, Simmons Bible College, 1983
  • Faculty member, Chattahoochee Technical College, 2006
  • Adjunct Faculty Georgia North Extension, NOBTS, 2012

Teaching Specializations

  • New Testament Study
  • Old Testament Study
  • African American History

Ministry Experience

  • Minister of Ed, First Baptist Church of North Fontana, Fontana, CA., 1979-1981
  • Acting Pastor, Twenty Third Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville, KY., 1983
  • Church Planter/Mission Pastor, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Carson, CA., 1984-1989
  • Executive Pastor of Christian Education, Loveland Church, Fontana, CA., 1989-1994
  • Associate Director of African American Church Planting, HMB, SBC., 1994-1997
  • Interim Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, Marietta, GA., 1996-1997
  • Manager of African American Church Planting, NAMB. SBC., 1997-2000
  • Senior Pastor, Sandtown Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA., 2000-2007
  • Executive Pastor/Headmaster, Mt Zion Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA., 2007-2009
  • Associate Minister/Headmaster, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA., 2009-2011
  • Senior Pastor, God’s Acre B.C. at Ben Hill, Atlanta, GA., 2015-2018
  • Pastor Emeritus, God's Acre B.C at Ben Hill -currently


Book Chapter
  • Historical Perspective of the African American within the Southern Baptist Convention Past and Present

Historian National African American Fellowship Reports

  • 2010 Report
  • 2011 Report
  • 2014 Report
  • 2015 Report
  • 2016 Report
  • 2017 Report
National African American Fellowship 
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