Other NOBTS Scholarships

Other Scholarships


Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund

The Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund is an outside scholarship source for Masters and Doctor of Ministry students from the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and West Virginia. See the Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund website for more information.

Click here to apply for Spring 2021 by October 1, 2020. 


Louisiana Baptist Scholarships

Students from Louisiana or serving at a church in Louisiana may be eligible for scholarships directly from the Louisiana Baptist Convention. See their website for more information


Fred Luter Jr. African American Scholarship

African-American students (both Southern Baptist and other denominations) can apply for our African-American Student Scholarship. *These scholarships are open to PART-TIME and FIRST-TIME students. A student cannot receive this scholarship and the New or Current Student Scholarship, but if selected for an award, the student will receive the scholarship that provides the most financial benefit.

Click HERE to Apply.

Baptist State Convention Employee Scholarship

  • 25% discount to Baptist State Convention employees

  • Open to any certificate, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral students can apply

  • Student must provide written documentation to verify their current place of service in a Baptist state convention.

Click HERE to Apply.

Caskey Center for Church Excellence Scholarship

Bi-Vocational Students and Smaller Membership Church Staff serving at Louisiana and Mississippi Southern Baptist Churches can apply for our new Caskey Center for Church Excellence Scholarship. 

To see if you qualify and to apply, CLICK HERE.

Missionary Scholarships

These new missionary scholarships will be offered for IMB Personnel; former Journeyman/ISC, MSC, or USC2; NAMB National Missionaries or Send America Church Planters; and Children of current missionaries.

To see if you qualify and to apply, CLICK HERE.

Music Scholarships

Music students should contact the Church Music Division (504-282-4455 ext. 3226) to learn about possible music-related scholarships offered through NOBTS. Some Music Scholarship are processed as part of the Current Student Scholarship, so music students with financial need should complete the Current Student Scholarship each semester. Other music scholarships are processed directly through the Church Music Division and may require try-outs or participation in a certain number of music classes or events.

Spousal Discounts & Scholarships

Spousal Tuition Discount

The Spousal Tuition Discount of one-half tuition for regular semester courses is available to the spouse of a student who is enrolled full-time. The half-tuition for spouses does not include independent studies, internet courses, or any doctoral work. 

Click HERE to Apply.
Women's Auxiliary Scholarship

The Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship is available to the wife of a currently enrolled full-time, New Orleans campus student who has been enrolled at least one semester. The wife DOES NOT have to be a full-time student to receive the scholarship. A student cannot receive both an NOBTS scholarship (first semester or current student scholarship) and the Women's Auxiliary scholarship in the same semester. The deadline for the Fall semester is April 30th and September 30th for the Spring semester.


Click HERE to Apply.


Emerging Regions Ministry Scholarship

The Emerging Regions Ministry Scholarship is available to MA and MDiv. students who are actively serving in an Emerging Region. If you have a question on whether or not a state is considered emerging, please contact the Financial Aid office at financialaid@nobts.edu

Click HERE to Apply.
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