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About the Center

Acts 1:8
The purpose of the Global Missions Center is to mobilize Christians to impact unreached people groups with the gospel, through the following four initiatives:
  • Researching Effective Missions Strategies for Unreached People Groups

    The Global Missions Center will encourage the student body and faculty to develop specific strategies for reaching unreached people groups and population segments. The Global Missions Resource Center in the John T. Christian Library plays a vital role in assisting students and others conducting missions research. Strategies completed by students on campus and overseas will be indexed and filed in the Global Missions Resource Center. Missionaries will be encouraged to spend their stateside assignments conducting research and doing further study on our campus.

  • Training Christians for Global Missions Service

    EvangelismAll students who pursue a basic Master of Divinity degree and many MDiv degrees with specializations are required to take the course, "Christian Missions." Every student in the BA in Christian Ministry degree program of Leavell College has a required course, "Evangelism and Missions." The Global Missions Center provides a visible way to integrate classroom experience with a seminary entity dedicated to international missions and to heighten awareness of global missions on our campus.
    A key purpose of the Global Missions Center is to train students who are preparing for international missions service. The Global Missions Center will partner with the Providence Learning Center and other entities such as the IMB to offer training events for persons related to international missions. The city of New Orleans provides a wonderful laboratory for doing missions in an intercultural setting.

  • Resourcing Global Mission Christians

    The Global Missions Center of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary equips students to become global mission Christians. Coordinating the interaction of IMB missionaries and personnel with the seminary community provides an important element of resourcing global mission Christians.
    Another aspect of resourcing global mission Christians is the development of a website for the Global Missions Center with information about the center, online resources, and links to other relevant missions websites. The center’s website provides valuable resources for local churches.

  • Reaching the Globally Unreached

    Reaching the globally unreached means that all seminary Africastudents will be challenged to help local churches become Acts 1:8 churches with a vision to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Those preparing for local church service will be equipped in how to help the local church embrace a biblical global vision of evangelism and missions.
    Reaching the globally unreached involves the coordination of seminary sponsored international missions trips and partnerships with overseas missionaries. The Global Missions Center will encourage numerous mission trips taken each year by Seminary students, faculty, and staff. In addition, faculty and students are involved in a number of other mission trips annually.
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