PhD Program

Research Doctoral Program: PhD Degree

In addition to our undergraduate- and graduate-level studies programs, NOBTS also offers a research doctoral program designed to meet the needs of post-graduate students who seek preparation for teaching and specialized ministry leadership.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program is the highest academic degree awarded at NOBTS. Majors are offered in biblical interpretation, Christian education, evangelism, Great Commission studies, missions, New Testament, Old Testament, preaching, psychology and counseling, and theology. The research community consists of about 30 professors and 115 students.

A primary goal of the degree is to prepare candidates for a vocation in theological instruction, and Christian scholarly research and ministry. NOBTS PhD graduates have held teaching positions in 90 educational institutions. Full-time teaching positions have been secured by 52 of the 170 graduates from 2000 to the present.

The program is directed through the Office of Research Doctoral Programs, Dr. Charlie Ray, Associate Dean (phone: 1-800-NOBTS-01, ext. 8010 or 504-816-8010; fax: 504-816-8039; e-mail: Additional information may be found on the following links.

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