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Welcome to the Entrust Mentoring Community at NOBTS.  We are so glad you are interested in joining us to provide important mentoring relationships to our students. Below please find more information about our program, the responsibilities of mentors and mentor and site applications.

We have been praying for God to burden the hearts of His ministers to create relationships with those preparing for ministry.  Please join us in praying for the students that will come alongside you to gain practical ministry experience.

Please fill out both of the applications below and submit them to our office.  You will be contacted about the next step in mentoring a student from NOBTS.  Thank you for your investment in the lives of our students!



Dr. Bo Rice

Associate Dean of Supervised Ministry and Mentoring Programs

To Apply as a Mentor, click here.

To Apply as a Mentoring Site, click here.

Mentor Requirements

  1. The mentor must have significant experience (i.e., minimum of five years in field of study).  He or she must have obtained a minimum of the Masters degree in the field of study in which the student will be mentored.  The degree must be from an accredited school.  On occasion, the school will make exceptions concerning the degree and/or experience.  The mentor must serve as a mentor for the designated semester(s) while the student completes the requirements for the course.  The mentor serves in this capacity as a volunteer.

  2. The mentor must conform to all pertinent established standards and policies of NOBTS as specified in the current Graduate Catalog and MDIV Mentoring track degree policies.

  3. The mentor must complete the mentor training program provided by the Seminary.

  4. The mentor must agree to specific time commitments, including a minimum of 1 hour per week for dialogue, discussion, and reflection, as well as, additional time for interaction (prayer, orientation, instruction, evaluation, guiding, etc.).  **Note: The mentor is not responsible for the “teaching” of the course.  

  5. The mentor must develop, in partnership with the student, a specific plan for their work together, which will constitute an Apprentice/Mentor Covenant. The plan will be developed in accordance with the document, “Guide for Development of an Apprentice/Mentor Mentoring Track Covenant” which has been provided by the Associate Dean of Supervised Ministry and Mentoring Programs.

Please contact the Supervised Ministry/Mentoring Office of NOBTS if there are any questions concerning the requirements.  Exceptions must be approved through the Mentoring Office.

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