How to Register

Step 1

Make sure you have submitted an application with the mentoring office. For students, this application can be accessed by clicking on "Student Info and Application" to the left. (If you have previously completed Steps 1 and 2, go straight to Step 3.)

Step 2

Make sure your desired mentor has submitted an application as well. For potential mentors, this application can be accessed by clicking on "Become a Mentor" to the left.

Step 3

Once you have received notice of acceptance through the Mentoring/Graduate Dean office, you may "Request Registration" for mentoring courses through your Self-Serve account.

Click here for an example of how to register through Self-Serve.

You will not be enrolled in the course immediately. The Registrar will confirm with the Mentoring/Graduate Dean office that you and your mentor are approved. Once that confirmation is granted, you will see the course added to your schedule.

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