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PREP for your finances.   PREP for your ministry.   PREP for your future. 

Our Mission is to relate and equip students and those persons who influence them in cultivation of a greater financial and spiritual future for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Who we are...

In 2013, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary was awarded a grant from the Lilly Foundation to study economic issues facing future ministers. The Program for Research, Education, and Planning (PREP) at NOBTS is designed to help students develop positive financial habits.

What we do...

We serve our students. PREP offers financial training small groups using Compass-Finances God’s WayTM free of charge (thanks to that Lilly grant). Outside these classes, our office is available at all times to provide any financial counseling to students.

We educate the community. There are so many people who influence our students to come to NOBTS. PREP is working to help them prepare our students financially. We provide information about current costs in comparison to the past to help influencers understand the changes. We also provide influencers with practical budget helps in order to prepare students for the financial realities of seminary.

Why we matter...

The cost of a seminary education at NOBTS and every other institution has risen exponentially. Students are continuing to seek theological education, but are finding it necessary to take out loans in order to complete their education due to past and future expenses. We want our students to be prepared to lead their homes, churches, and ministries with sound financial practices. God has made us stewards, not owners, of many things. We desire to see our students behave as good stewards throughout their ministry.

Contact Information

Phone: (504)-816-8091
Director: Michael Wang
Coordinator: Madison Hinton

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