Undergraduate Degrees - Ministry to Women


Ministry to Women

Undergraduate Degree Program Options


Bachelor of Arts in Ministry to Women (121hrs.)


Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry - Ministry to Women Minor (121hrs.)


Women's Ministry Leadership Certificate (18hrs.)




Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I complete the certificate online?

Yes! The women's ministry leadership certificate can be completed fully online! You can also incorporate a combination of online and workshop courses if you would like a classroom experience as well. 

Ministry to Women courses are designed in a variety of formats, including semester length courses taught in the NOLA2U Flex format and practicums. Our programs can be tailored to fit your busy ministry lifestyle! 

What is the cost of the program?

Check out the following link for current tuition rates. Tuition rates and fees are determined per credit hour of courses taken.

Tuition and Fees

What courses would I take?

 The certificate requires 6 courses including the following 5 required courses with one additional choice listed below. 

The Bachelor of Arts degrees will require these and additional courses to complete the ministry to women major and minor. 
Required Ministry to Women Core Courses
Ministry to Women 3 Hours
A Biblical Theology of Womanhood 3 Hours
Women in Contemporary Context      3 Hours
Church Leadership and Administration 3 Hours
Teaching Methods 3 Hours
Choose one:
Women's Ministry Leadership Project 3 Hours
Contemporary Models in Women's Ministry Leadership 3 Hours


Questions? Email womensacademic@nobts.edu or call 1-800-NOBTS-01 ext. 8053. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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