Associates Degree in Women's Ministry


To equip women for ministry to other women. The degree consists of 21 semester hours of Life Skill courses, a 25-semester-hour Christian ministry core, 18 hours of Women’s Ministry courses, and 6 hours of free electives. A student with this associate degree can pursue a Bachelors of Arts in Christian Ministry degree and utilize the Women’s Ministry concentration as a minor.

Vocational Calling

To be women’s ministry leaders, Bible study teachers, and thoughtful Christian women who desire to serve in the Kingdom.

Degree Requirements

Life Skills Core (21 hours)
English Composition 3 hours
General Math 3 hours
Introduction to Computers 3 hours
Marriage and Family Issues 3 hours
Oral Communication 3 hours
World History 3 hours
Life Skills Elective 3 hours

Christian Ministry Core

(25 hours)
Teaching Methods 3 hours
Christian Doctrine 3 hours
The Practice of Evangelism 3 hours
Hermeneutics 3 hours
Introduction to Christian Education 3 hours
Introduction to Ministry 3 hours
New Testament Survey 3 hours
Old Testament Survey 3 hours
Personal Spiritual Disciplines

1 hour

Women's Ministry Core

(18 hours)
Women's Ministry Project 2 hours
Women's Work in the Local Church 2 hours

Choose 14 elective hours from the following:

(all courses are one hour unless otherwise noted)

WMCM1137/2329 A Biblical Theology of Womanhood 1 or 3 hours
WMCM1140/2340 A Survey of Feminist Theology 1 or 3 hours

WMCM1146 Basic Baptist Beliefs
WMCM1125 Bible Study for Women

1 hour
1 hour 

WMCM1120/1220 Contemporary Models for Women's Ministry  1 or 2 hours
WMCM1141 Expanding Your Women's Ministry through Writing  1 hour
WMCM1143 Girls' Enrichment Ministry 1 hour 
WMCM1134 Lay Counseling for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1117 Leadership Training for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1124 Lifestyle Witnessing for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1139 Ministry with Grievers 1 hour 
WMCM1133 Missions for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1144 Multicultural Women's Ministry 1 hour 
WMCM1118 Planning Special Events for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1217 Public Speaking for Women 2 hours
WMCM1126 Recreational Programs for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1123 Relationship Skills for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1115 Spiritual Gifts of Women 1 hour 
WMCM1127 Supervised Reading in Women's Ministry 1 hour 
WMCM1122 Support Groups for Women 1 hour 
WMCM1119 Women and Church Growth 1 hour 
WMCM1131 Women Mentoring Women 1 hour 
WMCM1128 Women's Ministry Field Training 1 hour 
WMCM1121 Women's Ministry Programs 1 hour 
WMCM1136 Women's Ministry to Mothers 1 hour 
Free Electives (9 hours) 
 TOTAL: (70 hours) 
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