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Bob Harrington, 'Chaplain of Bourbon Street’ dies at 89

Famed New Orleans evangelist Bob Harrington, known by many as “the Chaplain of Bourbon Street,” passed away of kidney failure on July 4 in Stigler, Okla., where he had lived the last seven years with family. He was 89. Harrington became a well-known evangelist during the 1960s and 1970s following his conversion to Christianity at age 30 in his hometown of Sweet Water, Ala. He was a popular guest on national television shows including Phil Donahue, Merv Griffin and The Tonight Show due to his one-liners...

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Kelley: NOBTS centennial to focus on Gospel and missions

PHOENIX – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary President Chuck Kelley greeted convention delegates with a good news/bad news scenario in his seminary presentation at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting...

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Adams, Martin and Lemke honored at NOBTS Alumni Luncheon

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary named two distinguished alumni, honored Provost Steve Lemke for his 20 years of service and announced the launch of the seminary's centennial celebration at the...

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'Celebration of Excellence' honors faculty and student achievements

No sermon is needed for the annual Celebration of Excellence chapel service at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Provost Steve Lemke told the audience May 2. On that day when...

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– Events & NOBTS Life –

Register Now for Red Carpet Week Courses

Red Carpet Week 2017 - May 22-26 - New Orleans Red Carpet week happens only once a year. It’s our opportunity to roll out the red carpet and welcome all of...

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Announcements - May 8, 2017

Here are our upcoming events and announcements. Bookmark this page, and check back weekly. Event updates will be posted here. TERMITE SWARM SEASON IS HERE The Formosan Subterranean Termite Swarm Season...

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Betrayal and Beyond Group

A Betrayal and Beyond group will help women whose husbands struggle with sex addiction. Participants learn tools that will help them make wise biblical decisions, set healthy relationship boundaries, and process...

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– Geaux Therefore –

Bob Harrington: A Remembrance

In the fall of 1969 evangelist Bob Harrington, then known as the Chaplain of Bourbon Street, came to First Baptist Church in Beaumont, TX for an evangelistic crusade.  It was my home church, and I was a senior in high school.  I was already an active Christian and intentional witness.  I was already called to the ministry.  I did not realize at the time, but that week began a relationship that would last until 2am July 4, 2017.  Because Bob Harrington was who he was,...

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"That" vs "How" Theology

PREFACE  I talk with people about theology a lot. I even use it as my evangelism strategy. I’ll ask people what they think about God, if they think God is good,...

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Knowledge and Limitation

I don’t need to know everything. I’ve been wrestling with a research paper for a little while. I keep making small steps forward in the work only to grow intimidated by...

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In Case You Missed It (Regicide)!

Easter was yesterday. He is risen! We are reposting a blog from last year about King Jesus' regicide. Nothing seemed better for the occasion than to keep celebrating our King...

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– NOBTS Women –

What are you going to do with your summer?

It happens every year. About this time I get anxious for summer to come. I can’t...

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A Modern Lady's Work

In the final part of our series, The Making of A Modern Lady, we will be looking at what it means for a modern lady to be at work. This...

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A Modern Lady's Home

What does it mean for a modern lady to keep her home? Does it mean that she should always have an HGTV worthy space? If so, that would probably count...

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Quest Finals Study Break! Not many people get excited about finals but with finals comes the QUEST STUDY BREAK with lots of goodies, so it’s a little easier to deal with....

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