Academic Workshops

The following academic workshops currently are open for registration. Registration deadlines are indicated below the course dates.

Students may register online through SelfServe. Please make sure to select the appropriate workshop term for step 3 of the online registration process. If you are unable to register through SelfServe, please either fill out a Workshop Registration Form and forward it to the Registrar's Office at the address specified on the form, or contact the Registrar's Office at regarding online registration problems.

Syllabi for the graduate courses will be posted below and on the Graduate Workshops Web page as they are received. The tuition for each workshop will be the same as it normally is at that location--$210 per hour for courses on the New Orleans campus and $220 per hour for courses not on the New Orleans campus. In addition, the fee for Non-SBC students is $100 per hour. A registration fee of $30 per course will be assessed for all workshops.

The dates, classes, and teachers are listed below. Please note that some courses do not go an entire week, and special event courses may require additional fees.

Summer 2018 Graduate Workshops

July 30-August 1

CEWM5178 -- Women Mentoring Women
(Rhonda Kelley)


July 30-August 3
Register by 6/30

CCSW6360 -- Introduction to Social Work -- Canceled
(Kevin Brown)

MISS5330 -- Christian Missions -- Canceled
(Philip Pinckard)

PREA6206/6306 -- Pastoral Preaching
(Mark Tolbert)


August 1-3

CEWM5179 -- Expanding Women's Ministry through Writing
(Judi Jackson)


August 5-9
Falls Creek Conference Center, Davis, OK

Register by 7/6

CECM6392 -- Special Topics: College Week
(Beth Masters)