Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentors Availability List

When ProDoc coursework is finished, the student must select a Faculty Mentor before registering for the Project in Ministry Design Workshop (PDWS8203). The following is a list of all Faculty, and how many students they are presently mentoring. Click on a professor's name to go to his or her webpage, where you will find information about what they teach and what type of ministry they specialize in.

Available Faculty

# of Students

Dr. Jerry Barlow 3
Dr. Jeanine Bozeman 1
Dr. Page Brooks 5
Dr. Rex Butler 3
Dr. Eddie Campbell 0
Dr. Kristyn Carver 5
Dr. Dennis Cole 5
Dr. Bill Day 5
Dr. Jody Dean  8
Dr. Mike Edens 3
Dr. Archie England 3
Dr. Jeffrey Farmer 3
Dr. Darryl Ferrington 0
Dr. Craig Garrett 3
Dr. Paul Gregoire 2
Dr. Jeff Griffin 3
Dr. Bob Hall 2
Dr. Lloyd Harsch 4
Dr. Adam Harwood  1
Dr. Adam Hughes 4
Dr. Allen Jackson 2
Dr. Ian Jones 3
Dr. Peter Kendrick 3
Dr. Steve Lemke 1
Dr. Harold Mosley 3
Dr. Jeff Nave 6
Dr. Blake Newsom 3
Dr. Preston Nix 4
Dr. David Odom 2
Dr. Reggie Ogea 7
Dr. Jim Parker 4
Dr. Ron Pate 2
Dr. Donna Peavey 6
Dr. Dennis Phelps 1
Dr. Philip Pinckard 2
Dr. Craig Price 3
Dr. Rhyne Putman 6
Dr. Charles Ray 3
Dr. Bo Rice 4
Dr. Jeff Riley 2
Dr. Loretta Rivers 4
Dr. Jake Roudkovski 8
Dr. Michael Sharp 1
Dr. Joel Sherrer 2
Dr. Kathy Steele 4
Dr. Ed Steele 1
Dr. Gerald Stevens 3
Dr. Bob Stewart 1
Dr. Hal Stewart 8
Dr. Randy Stone 8
Dr. Thomas Strong 0
Dr. Ken Taylor 6
Dr. Mark Tolbert 2
Dr. Bill Warren 8
Dr. Laurie Watts 0
Dr. Greg Woodward 0