Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to complete the degree?

A: 3-5 years. The course work can be completed in two or three years.  The dissertation phase may take a year or longer.

Q: Can I take classes online?

A: Some of the degree is offered online, while some courses requre a trip to the main NOBTS campus. Required seminars will meet four weekends (Fridays) during the semester in a two-year cycle. These courses have an online option. Meaning, through our BlueJeans program, you can skype in and attend class from your computer. Most of our semester courses offer this. However, the required workshops for the EdD degree are hosted on campus. Learn more here!

Q: What specializations will be available?

A: The Ed.D. not longer offers a concentration/specialization option. However, the degree features a concentration electives component, which allows students to take concentration courses of their choice. An updated tracking sheet is located here.

Q: How will curriculum components be offered?

A: Required seminars will meet three weekends during the semester in a two-year cycle. Reading colloquia will be offered in one-day workshops during the summer.  Week-long workshops will be offered during the summer and in January. Elective seminars will be offered different times depending on the major.  A complete two-year schedule is available upon request. 

Q: What is the cost?

A: Tuition and fees for the Ed.D. are based on per credit rates for research doctoral hours.  Annual fees and tuition information for a research doctoral degree can be found here. Additional doctoral program fee information can be found in the NOBTS graduate catalog.

Q: I see the GRE is a requirement for my EdD application.  How do I register and pay for the GRE?

A: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is currently a requirement for all EdD applicants.  You may register to take the GRE all over the country in various locations.  Visit this website to find a location and time that is convenient for you, register for the GRE, and pay for the testing:  Also, you can designate NOBTS as a location to send your scores by entering the institution code 6472 at your GRE testing.  Please email the EdD office at in order to notify us when your GRE will take place.  We will then know to keep an eye out for your scores.  Doing this will allow us to keep your EdD application file updated as quickly as possible.

Q: When should I schedule my GRE?

A: The GRE may be taken multiple times (but no more than five).  You should know there is currently a 30-day waiting period between completing a GRE testing and registering to take the GRE again.  The EdD applicant should take this into account and allow for plenty of time between taking the GRE the first time and the deadline of application items (September 1 for consideration to enter course work in January, March 1 for consideration to enter course work in July).  In the event a student must take the GRE multiple times, the EdD scores must be submitted to the EdD office by the same deadline as all other application items.

Q: How high should my GRE scores be in order to enter the EdD degree program?

A: This answer is specific to each applicant.  The GRE Verbal and GRE Writing scores are placed on a Likert scale with other application components: the GPA, the division interview, and the evaluation of the research paper to name a few.  An overall score of 0 or higher is necessary in order to proceed toward EdD course work.  Please reference the current EdD Likert scale here

Q: I have taken the GRE before.  Can I use these scores for the EdD application?

A: GRE scores are good for 5 years from the test date.  The EdD office accepts GRE scores that are 5 years old or newer.  

Q: I would like to request to take the CE Proficiency Seminar as part of the EdD application process.  What do I do?

A: If you would like to request to take the CE Proficiency Seminar, please fill out the online request here.