Online Courses for Graduate Students

Online courses offer you the convenience of preparing for your ministry from anywhere in the world while earning fully accredited hours toward a degree or certificate program. For more information, consult our Online Learning Center.

Current and upcoming graduate online courses are listed below with syllabi linked to course titles. Syllabi for additional online courses not offered this semester are available on our Generic Course Syllabi page. Other very helpful information may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here to register for graduate online courses.

Fall 2017 Graduate Online Courses

BBBW5200 -- Encountering the Biblical World
(Dan Warner)

BSHM5310-01 -- Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
(Craig Price and Ben Hutchison)

BSHM5310-02 -- Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics
(Matt Solomon and Andrea Robinson)

CCSW6214 -- Interpersonal Relationship Skills
(Bobby Burt)

CEAM6314 -- Leading Team-Based Ministry
(Jody Dean)

CECH6335 -- Children and the Christian Faith
(Donna Peavey and Christina Sebastian)

CEEF6301 -- Foundations of Christian Education
(Emily Dean)

CERW6270 -- Total Wellness and the Minister
(Judi Jackson)

CEWM5360 -- Introduction to Women's Ministry
(Emily Dean)

CEYH6360 -- Disciple Making for Youth and Families
(Ree Reinhardt)

COUN5202 -- Counseling in Ministry
(Kevin Brown)

DISC5170 -- Introduction to Spiritual Formation
(Philip Pinckard)

DISC6300 -- Lifespan Discipleship
(David Odom)

ETHC5300-01 -- Christian Ethics
(Steve Lemke)

ETHC5300-02 -- Christian Ethics
(Steve Lemke)

EVAN5373 -- Reaching the Post-Modern, Dechurched and Uninterested
(Bill Day)

EVAN6221 -- Church Revitalization
(Gary Dennis)

HIST5300 -- History of Christianity: Early-Medieval
(Jason Sampler)

HIST5223-01 -- Baptist Heritage
(Lloyd Harsch)

HIST5223-02 -- Baptist Heritage
(Lloyd Harsch)

MISS6342 -- Introduction to Urban Missions
(Ken Taylor)

NTEN5300-01 -- Exploring the New Testament
(David Justice and Bill Warren)

NTEN5300-02 -- Exploring the New Testament
(Norris Grubbs)

NTEN5322 -- New Testament Exegesis (Eng.): Sermon on the Mount
(Jimmy Dukes)

NTGK5300 -- Introduction to Greek Grammar
(Pat Sanders and Bill Warren)

NTGK6300 -- Intermediate Greek Grammar
(Jimmy Dukes)

NTGK6317 -- Greek Exegesis: James
(Craig Price)

OTEN5300-01 -- Exploring the Old Testament
(Dan Warner)

OTEN5300-02 -- Exploring the Old Testament
(Harold Mosley)

OTEN5322 -- Old Testament Exegesis (Eng.): Jeremiah
(Harold Mosley)

OTHB5300 -- Introduction to Hebrew Grammar
(Jonathan Patterson)

OTHB6300 -- Intermediate Hebrew Grammar
(Jeff Griffin)

OTHB6309 -- Hebrew Exegesis: Joshua
(Archie England)

PATH5300-01 -- Worship Leadership
(Dennis Phelps and Greg Woodward)

PATH5300-02 -- Worship Leadership
(Dennis Phelps and Greg Woodward)

PATH5331-01 -- Pastoral Ministry
(Jerry Barlow)

PATH5331-02 -- Pastoral Ministry
(Jerry Barlow)

PHIL5300-01 -- Philosophy of Religion
(Page Brooks)

PHIL5300-02 -- Philosophy of Religion
(Page Brooks)

PREA5300 -- Proclaiming the Bible
(Dennis Phelps)

THEO5300-01 -- Systematic Theology 1
(Bart Box)

THEO5300-02 -- Systematic Theology 1
(Bart Box)

THEO5301 -- Systematic Theology 2
(Marvin Jones)

THEO/PHIL6332 -- Doctrine of God in Christianity and Islam
(Mike Edens)

Fall 2017 Term Online Courses

Internet Fall Term I, August 21-October 13

CEWM5170 -- Women and Church Growth
(Judi Jackson)

CEWM5186 -- Multicultural Women's Ministry
(Rhonda Kelley)

DISC5260-01 -- Discipleship Strategies
(Hal Stewart)

DISC5260-02 -- Discipleship Strategies
(Hal Stewart)

Internet Fall Term II, October 16-December 7

CEEF6211 -- Teaching Practicum
(David Odom)

Fall 2017 Mentoring (Blackboard-Assisted) Courses

To register for any mentoring course, students must get permission from Dr. Rice’s Office of
Supervised Ministry, ext. 8112. For more information on mentoring courses,
see the MDiv Mentoring Track specialization in the Graduate Catalog.

Fall 2017 NOLA2U Courses

The following weekly courses on the New Orleans campus will be connected synchronously via Web conferencing with Internet students. These courses will require weekly attendance at the stated times, from a computer with these minimum specifications as described in this link:

These courses will give students the opportunity to interface electronically with the professor and other students from a regular classroom session on the main campus. Normal classroom attendance policies apply. Thus, a student may not miss more than 9 hours of class time in a semester.


2:00-4:50 p.m. (CST)

CCSW6364-0006 -- Church Community Ministries
(Kevin Brown)

6:00-8:50 p.m. (CST)

CEST6300-0006 -- Introduction to Educational Research and Statistics
(Rick Yount)



2:00-4:50 p.m. (CST)

DISC5371-0006 -- Disciple Making through Small Group Ministry
(Hal Stewart)

6:00-8:50 p.m. (CST)

THEO5300-0006 -- Systematic Theology 1
(Adam Harwood)



8:00-10:50 a.m. (CST)

THEO5310-0006 -- Ancient and Medieval Theology
(Rhyne Putman and Rex Butler)

See the Graduate Schedules page for complete master's course listings. Syllabi may be obtained by clicking on course titles.