on Sunday, August 15, 2021


If “under five feet” counts as “little” for a woman, then Becky Brown (MACE ‘96) is little. But when it comes to Brown’s winsome humor, love of story and love of the gospel, “little” doesn’t fit.

Brown knows the power of words and her music, songwriting, and many venues of word in print are proof.

“I think story is powerful because Jesus was the grandest storyteller that ever walked this earth,” Brown said. “Jesus would say, ‘A certain man had two sons,’ and suddenly everyone’s drawn in whether they have sons or not.”

“Little Brown Light Ministries,” Brown’s multi-faceted music evangelism and writing ministry, brings to mind the child’s song “This Little Light of Mine” that teaches that every life -- and light -- counts.

Brown’s devotional writing, begun years ago with a readership of 11 people, soon blossomed, eventually leading to a column, “Little Brown Light,” that appeared weekly for ten years in the Hinds County Gazette of Raymond, Miss. She has contributed devotionals to Holman’s Daily Devotional Bible for Women, NKJV, Lifeway’s “Open Windows,” and other venues. Readers of The Baptist Record, Mississippi’s Baptist newspaper, know her as a long-time Sunday School lesson contributor.

As minister of missions and staff evangelist at First Baptist Church, Richland, Miss., Brown’s talents flow together for the sake of the Kingdom. Still, writing is at the top of her favorite things to do list.

“I’d like to be a hermit, and write,” Brown quipped.

As Brown looks back over her life, she sees many faithful believers who came before her. While looking at a family photo one day showing four generations of women and her as a baby, Brown realized she was the only one still living who could tell their stories.

So she did.

Brown’s book, “The Letter Book,” took shape as she laid out the timeline of her grandmother’s life. After adding in the timelines of other close family members, Brown saw a picture emerge of God at work through the years in their lives and hers.

“When you do that, you see the ups and the downs,” Brown said. “The highs and the lows are the mile markers [of life]. The low times, that’s when God seems nearest to us, even though He never leaves us or forsakes us. We are leaning closer and listening better to Him in those low times.”  

In her own life, Brown knows God used her years at NOBTS, including 20 years as NOBTS’ Director of Housing and Student Services, to shape and form her music evangelism and writing ministry.

Known for her sense of fun and good humor, Brown has spoken or sung at conferences, retreats, and church events, and written and taught Bible studies in various venues. She recounts with a smile the time the title of her book, “The Letter Book,” was misspoken.

“I got introduced at one retreat as the author of ‘The Litter Box,’” Brown said. “God always has a way of humbling you.”

Brown credits her love for the Lord to a faithful mother who discipled her and a father, a former pastor and missionary to Israel, who instilled in her a love of the gospel and of the biblical languages.

While God has brought many blessings, Brown has known trial and sorrow, as well. She was 18 when her mother passed away. A few short years ago, Brown lost her beloved younger sister.

“I try to tell people that even when it doesn’t appear so, God is weaving a beautiful thing in your life, if you will trust Him,” Brown said. “God is at work doing some things that you may not understand right now, and in this life, you may never understand. But, if He gives you the grace to live long enough to see like He sees, then you begin to put the pieces together.”