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The Faculty of NOBTS


The rigorous academic setting at NOBTS is driven by over 70 faculty members with a wide range of expertise. Noted authors, lecturers, researchers, ethicists, and philosophers, these men and women are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their fields. No less is expected of NOBTS students. With a world-class library, numerous research centers and class environments that are challenging and engaging, NOBTS students are equipped to meet their full potential and become distinguished contributors to their fields.



NOBTS professors provide real-world applications derived from diverse ministry backgrounds. Having served an average of 15 years in a ministry setting before teaching at NOBTS, these pastors, ministers, counselors, teachers and missionaries bring a wealth of experience into the classroom. NOBTS provides practical training outside the classroom as well. Course credit can be earned in conjunction with national conferences, study abroad trips, mission trips, mentoring relationships and archaeological digs. These opportunities provide experiences that will broaden horizons and sharpen ministerial skills, all while earning class credit.


Academic Excellence

Our faculty members have earned a total of over 75 master's degrees from 7 different seminaries and 15 universities, and over 55 doctoral degrees from 6 seminaries and 6 universities. Their ongoing research is reflected in the Seminary's research centers and institutes.  Our faculty are leaders in the evangelical world in research, often expressed through our research institutes on campus relating both to the classical disciplines and ministerial excellence: 

Annual events and lectures such as the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum afford scholarly enrichment for our students and faculty.  NOBTS faculty members have published dozens of books in their field of expertise, in addition to hundreds of published articles and professional presentations.  The NOBTS faculty represents evangelical Christian scholarship at its best.

Ministerial Experience

The NOBTS faculty averages over 15 years each in ministry experience in local churches and mission settings, including a number of pastors, education ministers, and music ministers; nine former international missionaries; two former directors of missions; and a state convention executive director. Others have served in counseling ministries and social work mission centers. Almost all of them are currently involved in some expression of ministry. That's why we call NOBTS "The Church Place."

Doctrinal Integrity

Our faculty is committed to doctrinal integrity. Each faculty member subscribes to our two doctrinal statements -- 

In addition, on behalf of our Seminary, our President has signed and our faculty affirmed two additional statements --

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